Monday, November 12, 2012

A new week

I am back on a computer! Well actually, K rescued me again and is letting me use one of her netbooks that isnt currently being used. Very handy and small. I am still getting used to the small keyboard after having a very large computer, but I like the convenience of this.

BUT I am not going to be putting pictures in my blog until I can get my portable hard drive back from Best Buy. I took my old computer there yesterday to have all my important pictures and documents transferred to the portable. They also said they think it is my motherboard. And of course to fix that would cost as much as a new netbook.

So we shall see what we are going to do.


This weekend was not a good weekend food wise for me.

Friday night after Zumba I picked up sushi for Aaron and I for dinner. It was really yummy and not a bad food choice...well not a horrible food choice.

Saturday Aaron and I had date day. First was grinders from Giaradanos. I ate half of mine. Then we went and saw Bond. Awesome movie. My favorite Bond by far. But I had popcorn and soda. Then I went to a cocktail party at K's house and had lots to drink as well as not so healthy food. LOL. Sausage, bread, cheese, chicken wreath (that I made), brownies with ganache, chocolate covered pretzels, donuts. Yummy, not good for me food.

Then yesterday I had the other part of the grinder sandwich for lunch and then a burger from Bagger Daves. Ugh. Not good food choices but this week I start training with Eric and it is all seriousness from here on out. Consider this my last hurrah.

And this week will be a very busy week. We have conferences for Xavier tonight, a Pampered Chef Party on Wed, Thurs I need to pick up Xaviers tux, Friday we have to set up a hall for a wedding reception and have rehearsal and dinner. Saturday is the wedding. Whew. I am exhausted already. But it will be good. All that and working out as well!!

Thursday is my first day with Eric. It was originally going to be Wed, but I forgot about the Pampered Chef thing. It is a fundraiser and it is my friend that is the consultant so I need to go.

So as far as my plan of action:

Today for breakfast I will have a smoothie. For lunch an apple with Peanut Butter and some celery and scallions. I have had a celery problem lately. I literally go thru a pack a week when I eat about 3 stalks a day. LOL. I will be going back to the mostly fruits and veggies with the exception of a bit of protein here or there. I got too far away from that and it was a slippery slope. For dinner will be a salad with some chicken breast and almond slivers.

Exercise will be Zumba while Landry is napping.

Tomorrow I am hoping to make a run to Powerhouse Gym while Landry is in school. They have Pump at 9am but I wont be getting there until then. So if the class still has room, I will jump in. Otherwise I will just run on the treadmill. Meals will be very similar to today with the exception of my smoothie. I will probably put some of my protein powder in it. Then I will probably do some Zumba tomorrow night. I want to keep working on my different songs.

Wednesday will be Zumba during the day while Landry naps.

Thursday will be my first work out with Eric and then RPM. My warm up before Eric will also include running. Normally Thursdays will be running, then Pump with LIGHT weight then RPM. Back in the saddle!

Friday will be Zumba during the day because of rehearsal that night. I am hoping to be able to fit it in between setting up for the reception and rehearsal. Either way, it will be a very active day with the set up.

Saturday is the wedding so LOTS and LOTS of dancing.

My main goal is to swear off the alcohol with the exception of red wine. Whipped cream vodka has been a downfall for me because it is great with everything. Plus now that I can get my Fat Tire beer in Michigan, it has been bad too. Too many empty calories is causing MAJOR weight fluctuation in one weekend.

Also I am planning on ordering more healthe trim today. It is what helped me lose my big initial weight and I am hoping it will help keep me on track again. With it I cant have caffeine (so caffeine free tea for me) or artificial sweeteners. Plus I swore off alcohol with the exception of red wine. So I can do this again. I know I can. I just need to get out of this mindset. Ever since the tornado I have been compensating with food and not following my strict diet. Time to stop. Now.

I am recommitted to myself. Time to start the new year early.

Have a great Monday everyone!!

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