Thursday, November 29, 2012

A great workout!

I had an awesome workout last night.

I got a 3.5 mile run in (including the .4 mile cool down) that ranged from 5.8 mph, up to 6.5 mph with brief "rest walks" of 4.5 mph after running the 6.5. So my stamina is coming back. I was able to run for quite a few minutes straight of running 6.0 mph.

Then I worked out with Eric. He put me thru the paces really working my biceps and chest. We used machines and kettle bells. He had me doing alternating rows using 35 lb kettlebells!! Then he had me doing hammer curls using 10 lb kettlebells BUT I had to do them til my arms about fell off... I think I got to 50. He also had me doing reverse curls with an overhand grip to work my forearms. Oh baby are those hard!

We also did my core and worked my abs on a crunch machine at 40 lbs then did my lower body by doing scissor kicks. Oh how I hate scissor kicks!

Last night was the first night my abs were actually sore. And all that in 30 minutes.

Today my neck and shoulders are in knots. I really need to remember to stretch after weight lifting. I am going to have to do some stretching after the kids go to school. It is really hard because I cant massage my shoulders right now. And I itch like crazy. But more on that in a later post ;)

I then came home and made a can of tuna with a lot of celery and onion and a tablespoon of fat free mayo. I only ate maybe 1.4 to a 1/2 of it so I will still have some for after my workout tonight. I was originally going to eat a Larabar before working out but my iPod got me in a tizzy and I forgot. So I was completely on "E" by the time I got home from the gym.

I stayed on track completely with my eating yesterday. And I burned 888 calories last night at the gym.

Today I was rewarded with a 3 lb loss! Yesterday I was 179.0 and today weighed in at 176.0.

Getting closer to the 160's again. Finally!

Tonight I will run again...probably 4 miles or so because I need to sign up for class 45 minutes prior...then go to RPM. I am skipping Body Pump this week. I will also probably do some more ab work tonight with the same exercises I did last night and then add in a couple more.

Trying to stay successful thru the weekend. Seems like I always gain back what I lost and that gets really frustrating. I think it will help that I have my 5k run on Saturday evening. Plus I will be staying busy with making cookies for gifts this weekend too. And I really dont eat cookies when I bake them. I just have no desire. So that is a good thing too.

 I would LOVE to be back in the 160's by the end of next week. We shall see though.

Thats the news for now.

Tip of the Day: Helpful for those coffee lovers


  1. Great job sticking to your workouts. I'm just amazed at how much you lose after just a few days on plan!

    1. Thanks! I think the HT is helping as well. I just dont get hungry anymore like I used to.

  2. OMG - you are doing sooooo great! How's the HT helping? I'm thinking about ordering it - maybe. I gotta see if it has caffeine in it!

    1. LOVE the HT. It curbs my appetite and helps keep me on track. I added a new page showing my daily weigh in's and I marked when I started the HT on there. Pretty drastic I would say. It DOES have caffeine in it which is why they say to cut your caffeine when you start it. You dont want to get too jittery. The caffeine that is in it is Green Tea Extract. And this does have a 30 day money back guarantee. You dont like it, you return it! Expensive but worth it for me.