Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Two years ago today my life took a turn

That about sums it up. LOL.

Amazing how years ago when I was 260+ pounds, I hated exercise.

Then it was like a light switch was tripped.

And I saw myself for what I really was.

Not that I was a bad person. I just had a self image that I was skinnier than I was.

That I was healthier than I was.

Then my sisters baby shower happened. And I saw the pictures.

I looked like the pregnant one.

It was a slap in the face.

One that I desperately needed.

Thank God for it! Now I will be around much longer for my kids and for my husband.

As I was looking thru wedding pictures that my other uncle took, I Facebooked him and told him thanks for taking the pictures. That it was nice not to be a fat bridesmaid for once. His response to me was that I have always been a beautiful person.

The response was nice.

And I know that he genuinely feels that way. I was always a beautiful person.

But it is VERY nice to have the outsides matching the insides for once.

I may not be tightly toned, or have washboard abs, but I am way way ahead of where I was two years ago TODAY!!

When I was at that babyshower.

When I saw these pictures:

That is my cousin D next to me. She AND my sister were pregnant

Landry was already 1 year old so it was not "I recently had a baby" weight

When my life changed. And I said that I CAN DO THIS! I will not be another statistic. I will be fit.

That is the reason I am obsessive about my weight. I DO NOT want to go back there. That is why I try some of these crazy workouts, or "anti bloat" drinks. Why I push myself and do these extreme nights at the gym. Why I really want to work with a personal trainer. I want to be a better me. The best me I can be. This is why I want surgery. Why I want the flat stomach. I want what I have never had. 

But especially on days like today when it is a HUGE milestone, it is good to look at how far I have come. From the pictures above, to the pictures below. I may have felt that the dress was a smidge tight, but I rocked it. I looked good. And I LIKE looking at the pictures. And admiring myself. Not having to worry about "Oh I look fat in this one". It is a VERY nice change of pace. And it makes me realize that I am definitely a phoenix that has risen from the ashes. I am becoming the person that I want to be. And I have done it all myself. No surgeries, no diet plans like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers (nothing wrong with them though). Just hard work, dedication, and me being the police for myself.

Ok...enough rehashing the past for now. Onto the current.

Good news. Down to 175.0 today. That means another 1.5 pounds gone.

Should be too. Had a major work out yesterday. 3 mile run/walk on the treadmill, CX, Body Flow, and RPM. I am SO sore today but in a good way. Calories burned: 1424 (and that doesnt count calories burned from 30 DS)

I already got day 3 done of 30 DS level 3. 7 days to go. I remembered to wear my HRM today too. Calories burned in one 28 minute session: 231. Not shabby at all!

Tonight I am meeting my friend M for girls night at Ruby Tuesdays. And I will be having a glass of wine and something healthy to eat. And then I will be coming home and going for a power walk with hopefully a neighbor or two. Got to keep the burn. Got to keep at it.

So now I have more fun pictures of the wedding. This blog entry has gotten a tad serious for me so time for some fun. Kids are always unpredictable for photos and we got some great ones. So enjoy!!

My family- New BIL Matt, Sister Joelyn, Niece Norah, my Mom, Dad, Landry, Xavier, Me and my husband Aaron
My Uncle says this is Xaviers..."huh are they gonna actually?" face. LOL Followed by....

Oh GROSS!! They just KISSED!!

Me giving my speech about tips for a Happy Marriage

Back at the hotel for the After Party. I didnt want to change out of my dress and wake the kids up. Really I just liked the dress and wanted to keep wearing it. LOL

Tip of the Day:

On your weight loss journey, remember to look back and realize how far you have come. You might have good days and bad days, but keep at it. The journey isnt just about your body changing, but a mental change as well. A mental strengthening that reminds you that you can do whatever you put your mind to!


  1. Bravo to you! (I put your blog in my Google Reader so I keep up with it!) It's awesome to read about your continual journey... and it's a good reminder for me to keep healthy living on the forefront of my mind (something I struggle with!).

    Once I'm post-partum (and back next door), I'll have to join you and some of the other neighbors in your nighttime walks.

    1. That would be AWESOME Lindsay! I hope you are doing well and are back in your home soon. They seem to be making great progress!

  2. Wow - the difference is mind blowing! That's all I can think of to say-LOL! WOW-WOW and Wow! You deserve that phoenix tattoo fer sure :)

  3. Great post, very inspiring and positive. Thank you!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on such an amazing transformation!! You deserve to feel good about yourself-you earned every bit of that self-satisfaction.