Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Painting and a occupation change


Here is my finished painting. I love how it turned out.

It only took me 3 days to do from start to finish. Not too bad.

And I think it goes rather well in the room and adds a lot of color to the top of the fireplace AND goes nicely with my chair which was sort of the inspiration for the piece.

See the chair under the tv? I LOVE that chair. My sister thinks it looks old lady. I dont. What do you think? Old Lady or no?

Yesterday for the gym I ended up doing a little less than expected. I got there and ran 3 miles on the treadmill but my legs were sore. I pushed thru.

Then I did CX and some of the ab work hurt so bad that I couldnt hold the pose for as long as you should. Good and bad. Good because it hurt not from under use but because my muscles had already trained there for the day.

So once I was done with CX, I cut out. I was going to lift weights but I am having problems with the muscles on each side of my neck. I will get to that more in a couple minutes.

So instead I came home and went for a walk with S and her daughter. We did the same 3.6 mile loop that K and I did the night before. So in total I got in another 6.6 miles.

Calories at the gym: 792
Calories on our walk: 349

1141 calories burned. And that doesnt take into account the calories I burned doing Ripped yesterday morning.

Weight this morning: 175.0

Oh well. I am gonna say I am gaining muscle from all the running. LOL. (Didnt gain yesterday though. I maintained)

This morning when I woke up my neck hurt SO bad. To the point where I cant really turn it from side to side. It is the small muscle on each side that is inflamed.

Now I know it is from Ripped. Jillian really works out your back and shoulders REALLY well. And apparently the stretching that we do at the end doesnt really get all the kinks out.

So today I took a break from Ripped. Aaron is bringing me home some muscle cream and hopefully he will massage that into my neck tonight.

Instead I did my 20 minute zumba express.

I really need to start practicing zumba.


Because I have decided that come October, I am going to take a class to become a Zumba Instructor!!

Dexter Village just broke ground on a brand new state of the art fitness center that should be done next year. I would love to be closer to home for working out and why not make some money at the same time I am doing my work out??

I messaged my Zumba instructor at the gym I go to about me getting certified and she is more than willing to help me out and talk about things. So I think we are going to meet on Monday for breakfast. I am VERY excited!
Zumba is what started me on this entire weight loss journey so it seems appropriate that I get my certification in it first.

If all goes well, and I can find out who is in charge of the gym, I am hoping I can stake my claim and become an instructor. PLUS I want to take some other zumba certification classes like zumba toning.

My instructor told me that I will be able to teach with her (her daughter that she teaches with on Friday nights is on maternity leave) and even sub for her. How cool!

So that is my news of the day. Today K is getting some contents delivered to her house. I told her I would come over and help put things away. She was thinking last night that it will be mostly furniture but we will see.

If it is, I will probably go for another run tonight. Maybe the 3.6 mile loop. Then end of the loop is a great hill that will be good for working on my endurance.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Tip of the Day:

I thought this chart was interesting when I saw it yesterday. It shows the percentage of americans that are obese per state. My state (Michigan) is over 30% obese. How sad is that? I used to be in that range too! Where are you with your goal? How does your state stack up to others?


  1. NY and Long Island are "only" in the 20-24% range. I guess the 8 million+ people that walk a lot in the city help bring the numbers down.

    My girlfriend is a Zumba instructor in PA and she keeps telling me to do it. After my experience with job applications lately, I may HAVE to do it. She teaches in several YMCAs. My daughter's dance studio actually offers classes 3-4 times per week, so you can look into that as well. they only charge each participant $5/class or $40/month unlimited.

    1. Thanks for the info! Great to think of other places to look at instructing in too.

  2. Do you sale your painting like on Etsy, Amazon or Ebay?
    I like that & I like the chair (tell your sister I'm 25 yrs

    1. I dont sell my pictures at all (yet). I just do them for myself. However, it may be a great thing to think about.