Thursday, August 30, 2012

Moving Up

Today is moving day!

Well, not for me but for my aunt, uncle and cousin.

So I just wanted to give you a quick shout out before I take off to help them move.

Last night I actually got my zumba cardio dvd done! A huge woo hoo! I was surprised that it is only 45 minutes though. For whatever reason, it must be the strength one that is 55. So I might do the strength tonight depending what time we get back from moving.

Calories burned for zumba cardio: 412 calories. Not shabby at all.

I was down to 176.5 this morning.

Today I am going to get the kids some breakfast, and run downstairs and lift some weights to get the metabolism going. I dont want to get sweaty by doing cardio because I am already dressed to go (tennis skirt and running shirt).

Luckily we have movers today so I shouldnt be needing to do much heavy lifting. Mostly unpacking.

We shall see how the food choices go today being limited while we move. There was talk about pizza for lunch. There is this fantastic italian bakery by their new house that K showed me and today is buy one get one free day for their pizza.My uncle prides himself on his italian food that he makes. This little bakery has all sorts of ingredients, fresh made food, and a little coffee shop where these little men talk in italian and argue. It is too funny. In telling my aunt about it, she wants me to show it to my uncle.

And on a funny note...I think I mentioned that K's parents are moving literally just a few blocks from where my aunt and uncle are moving. Ironic huh? Even more ironic is TODAY is the day they are moving. No fooling! So K and I might meet up over there. How funny! I just love her to death.

Tonight we might be going back to their old house to swim. Not sure yet. They are keeping their old house and my cousin is living in it with some friends. He is 22 so he is definitely old enough to live on his own.

Ok everyone. I have our swimsuits packed and I am off to pump some iron and blow this popstand.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

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    1. Thanks. It went well. The packing up took a LOT longer than expected but the unpacking went rather smoothly.