Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Challenge Today

Morning y'all.

Today starts a new challenge for me. I am continuing with the beast that is Jillian Michaels and will be starting her Ripped in 30.

I also will be using my final picture from 30 DS as my beginning picture for Ripped.

ANNNNDDD...I will also be creating a new page for Ripped like I did for Shred to document my day by day workout. It helps me stay accountable that way.

Today my weigh in was 174.5. That is my final weigh in number for 30 DS. Unfortunately I forgot post my beginning weight so I dont know how much I lost. What really matters though is that I can SEE some results from it.

So Jillian- Bring it on!

I also would LOVE to try her meal plan BUT I cant get the pdf to load onto my computer. Frustrating. If someone has it and can share it with me, please let me know!

Today will be quite interesting. I have to take Xavier to camp, then come home, work out, and go to the grocery store.

My mother in law is coming over today to watch the kids so Aaron and I can go and look at mattresses. We still havent replaced ours after it was totaled from the tornado. I have to say that the air mattress is REALLY comfy but it will be nice to have a regular mattress so when Aaron gets out of bed, I dont fall off of it. LOL.

Tonight instead of going to RPM like I normally do, K is moving back home. SOOOO I told her I would come over and help her unpack the house. There will be a few of us girls there and I will be bringing beer. Dont know that I will have any, but it is a good housewarming gift and helps ease the pain of work. LOL.

And I will probably be a nerd and wear my HRM to see how many calories I burn loading and unpacking. LOL. AND she knows she can use me for lifting the heavy stuff so I should get a pretty good workout.

K- Bring it on! LOL


Last night S and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. Had a good time but I forgot to start my HRM until partway thru. Bummer.

And on a personal note...Finally met a new pediatrician for the kids that is local instead of driving them an hour to their old one. And I set up dentist appts for us with a new dentist that is local too. I finally feel like I am beginning to settle in and it has been a year already! LOL.

Ok everyone...have a fantastic Thursday! Almost to the weekend! Hang on!


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