Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Last Day of 30DS and Results! AND Spilling the Beans

Today is my last day of 30 DS and while I havent done my last day YET, I did take after pictures which I will post in a minute.

I will say that yes I can see some results so that is very promising.

And I will be continuing onto a new challenge which will be Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30. I am hoping to get even better results from that.

Yesterday night I went to the gym and did a 2.8 mile walk on the treadmill then CX. I skipped my Flow class last night because it wasnt actually Flow. Vicki who teaches it must be sick or on vacation or something so it was Yoga instead. I am not a HUGE yoga fan, so instead I walked again on the treadmill, did some ab work and some leg work before doing RPM. By then I was pretty tired but I pushed thru RPM.

In total at the gym last night, not including 30DS and yardwork, I burned 1167 calories. Not too bad!

This morning my weight for today was 174.5. Happy with that. Tomorrow will be my final weigh in for 30DS.

So onto the fun- Pictures!!

Sorry for the side shot not being the same direction. And as you can see, I had to take them myself today because Aaron was at work but I wanted to get them done first thing in the morning like my other ones.

What do you think? Can you see some results?

I wouldnt call myself "Shredded" but then again, I didnt follow Jillians meal plan. Thought about it but of course they want you to sign up with a credit card even though you get 30 days free. No thanks.

I still have a saggy stomach and I took some pictures of it but that will be a starting point for my review I am going to do. 
And what review am I going to do???

I have to share. I cant wait anymore. I am HOPING it comes in the mail today or tomorrow, but actually I am going to wait to use it until Sunday and blog Monday because of the junk food and drink I will be having this weekend. (Think Friday night Feta Bread, Beer Tent, Pampered Chef Party etc).

Ok...Here is what it is....

The product is from It Works. The website is here

And I will be reviewing their wrap pack which is their ultimate body applicators (set of 4!!) and a sample tube of their defining gel.

Remember before the wedding when I was asking about wraps? Well I found this one day while looking on Pinterest and I contacted Angela and asked her if it really works. Since then, we have been conversing back and forth. She added me as a friend on her FB page so I can see some pictures of results people have had. 

Here are a few:

After 1 applicator
I wont be using the Greens but that is another product I am interest in. The thing that got me wanting to try the wraps was that these are supposed to release the toxins that your fat cells store. This is not something that is going to just take off water weight. If that were the case, you would have MORE loose skin. LOL. And results are supposed to last at least 2 months going up to 6 months and beyond with proper diet and exercise which I do already!

Now as much as I would LOVE these results right away, I am realistic that I do have quite a bit of skin to tighten BUT this is TONS less expensive than having a tummy tuck and isnt painful. LOL. And the applicator pack comes with 4 wraps and these pictures are after 1!! So I have 4 times to shrink the belly skin. One wrap works over 72 hours even though you only have to leave it on for 45 minutes so you can use one wrap every 4th day.

And these wraps are HUGE! And the cool thing? You can cut them up and use them on different parts of your body. SO I will probably try them on my thighs to see if I can reduce those bumps.

With these you should only do one area at a time. So you dont want to do your tummy and legs at the same time (for example).

And if things go well, (which Angela assured me that it would), I will be getting a full sized container of defining gel, Greens (which you mix into a drink to get 8+ servings of fruit and veggies in one serving), and Fat Fighter (which will help absorb some of the fat and carbs that  you eat when you go off plan so your body doesnt).

The defining gel itself is referred to as Liquid Gold. It is supposed to diminish the look of cellulite and tone areas of your body. Here is one girls picture who JUST used Defining Gel:

Can you see why I am excited about these products? They could be the answer I have been looking for to tighten and tone my belly skin WITHOUT surgery!

So stay tuned folks. If all goes well, next Monday I will be having a guest blog by Angela and the first 24 hour results of my wrap with measurements and pictures.

Angela did say that it may take many wraps (like 8) to get the results I want. I get that. Everyones body responds differently. I dont eat a ton of crap food so I may not have as many toxins as what some of these other people have. But I am going to stay positive.

And if you are interested in these products too, you can sign up for free as a loyal customer. You get almost a 50% discount and you just have to buy products once a month for 3 months. After that, I think you are under no obligation but Angela could probably explain that further.

Here is the Loyalty Program explained (from their website):


  1. I'm REALLY interested to see if this works. Normally those kind of photos make me totally disregard the product, because the results seem so fake. Good luck and hope it goes well! :)

    1. Still waiting to get the wraps. Hopefully by Sunday I will have them and we will see the results on Monday!

  2. GOOD JOB WITH THE WORKOUTS! I can totally see the difference. My tummy area is my problem area too so I'd be interested in these products too!

    1. Thanks! I think I can see some of the toning. I just keep telling myself that it has only been 30 days. So onward tomorrow to her Ripped In 30!

  3. I can tell a difference with the 30DS pics you posted, good job!!! :)

    I'm real interested in seeing the results with It Works!!!!

    1. I will definitely be posting an honest review. Thanks for the kudos!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! I thought so too but it is nice to have someone else notice!