Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not gonna lie...

I am not going to lie. I have a weakness for beer.

And not just ANY beer.

Fat Tire Amber Ale.

The first time I had it was when we moved to Arizona. It was our very first time there and Aaron and I were newly married. And I mean NEWLY. Just over a week.

We were exploring the area by our apartment and there was this restaurant we tried almost as soon as we rolled into town.

Funny that I dont remember the name of the restaurant, but I remember the name of the beer that captured my heart. LOL.

When we moved back to Michigan I was devastated to find out that my beloved beer was not sold here. I thought that was really funny because if you look at the bottles, it shows a 10 cent return. LOL.


After bugging different liquor stores, and continually asking about it, I finally had some music to my ears. Fat Tire was going to be available in Michigan in April or May this year. Oh Joy!


It didnt really happen. Dont know why it was delayed but it was. I used to have to get my Fat Tire fix when we visited Chicago. I would always pick up a couple cases and ration them out.


My mom texted me.

Fat Tire was going to be sold at Meijer on Monday.

So I sent Aaron out to get some.

Apparently the only kind they had in the store was 40oz ones. So he picked one up.

Last night I had MOST of it.

And this morning...

I gained 2 lbs!!!

Damn water retention!


Oh well. That amber goodness was too much to resist forever. At least I know that now I can get it anytime I want, it will be easier to resist and become less of a treat that I overindulge in.

Plus I didnt get to walk or run last night. I was supposed to go with K but she called me because her face started going numb. Not kidding. Think about how your face feels when you go to the dentist and have work done on one side. That is how it was feeling for her. She went to the ER but there was a 5 hour wait. No thanks. So I called a different hospital and we were going to go there.

But then her Dr called. Apparently this could be a side affect of the migraines she gets. How wonderful huh? So she didnt go to the hospital. Just went to bed and was going to go see the doctor this morning.

I talked to her this morning and the numbness went away about 1am. That is a good thing.
So I did my 20 minute zumba this morning.

Today is my last day of sitting the neighbor kids. I think they are all tired. They are lounging on the living room floor surrounded by pillows watching tv. LOL.

Tonight is Xaviers school open house where we get to meet the teacher. It is only for an hour so I want to get there right on time. Should be interesting. I still cant believe he is starting school!

Then I think I am going to come home and do zumba. My hour long one. I know I keep saying that but I really want to do it. Usually I end up going to K's house and if I can do the zumba right at 7, I can still either walk or help her unpack.

So that is my plan for the day...

What is your plan?

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Tip of the Day:


  1. Babysitting and getting to Staples to pick up some more school supplies and then the gym sometime today for another treadmill/elliptical/arc trainer workout. Trying to mix things up!

    1. I still need to do back to school shopping. I will probably do that on Friday after Ikea.

  2. I actually never developed a liking for beer (much to my boyfriend's disappointment). I do like Ciders and some Ginger Beers though LOL.