Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I work out and I work out...

Dont take this as waving the white flag....

I am not.

But a gal can only take SO much...


So yesterday I did Ripped.

I had my normal lunch. Some baby carrots, hummus, roast beef, two hard boiled eggs and an english muffin with some natural peanut butter.

Then that night I went for a 4 mile run before going for a walk with K. Then K and I went for a 3.6 mile walk SO that makes for a total of 7.6 miles for me yesterday. Calories burned on my run/walk: 1022

When I got home I took a hot shower, drank a lot of water, had some whole wheat saltine crackers with my homemade salsa and a little bit more roast beef and hummus.

I also did another wrap last night too which is why I was drinking all the water.

This morning I gained a half pound!! (Bangs head on table)

Seriously? Seriously?

I am HOPING this is "bloat" from the wrap. I didnt take pictures this morning of my stomach because I figured I would wait 3 days and take a final picture. Plus I really didnt see too much change.

But how can I work out, eat clean and still gain a half pound?

Maybe it is muscle bloat too from the running. Or swelling I should say. I am VERY sore today. It has been a while since I have run. And I have to start running to prepare for the upcoming half marathon in October.

But I am still very frustrated.

I know I shouldnt let the scale dictate how I feel. But it still does. Not as much as it USED to, but it does.

I did pick myself up and headed to the basement to do my Ripped for the day.

Now I am enjoying some warm oats for breakfast.

And tonight I will take out my anger at the gym.

Running. CX. Body Flow. RPM.

I am going to make my body HURT.

And we will just have to wait until tomorrow to see what the scale has to say about that.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!
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  1. How utterly frustrating! UGH! It will all catch up - you're doing FANTASTICO!

    1. Thanks Lucy. I just keep on keepin' on :)

  2. Maybe you should try weighing in every other day or once a week. I know I couldn't weigh-in every day, the scale drives me crazy as it is! You're doing great, eating right and exercising something fierce almost all of the time, it'll happen. Oh, the other day I couldn't post a comment for some reason. There was just no "post comment" button anywhere! I read your posts every day!

    1. Yeah. I would mentally go crazy not being able to weigh in every day. When I didnt because of the tornado, I developed an "f" it attitude and ate anything I wanted to. I dont want to do that again, so this gives me a way to keep myself in check. I still am not down to where I was pre tornado and that frustrates the HECK out of me. LOL. And I dont know what went on with the "post comment" thing. Sorry!!