Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh my...Day 2 of Level 3

I got a very pleasant surprise when I woke up this morning and found out that I lost 2 lbs yesterday. So now I am down to 176.5.

No major gym workouts. Just Jillian Michaels and then a 3 mile walk last night with my neighbor S.

Plus I had some wine, crackers, cheese and roast beef for dinner after the walk. Not the healthiest, but my body must have liked it. LOL

Ok so in my haste to get downstairs to work out this morning, I forgot to put on my HRM. Dang it! So we will figure that level 3 is just over 200 calories. Tomorrow I will try to remember to wear it.

I got level 3 done today and I didnt realize I was sore until I went to do some of the moves. She really knows how to work an upper body. And because you arent using weights all the time for the strength exercises, the whole workout just flys!

I think I screwed myself with the wedding bloat and that I am not going to see any results BUT I am not gonna let life get in my way. Once I am done with all 10 days of this dvd, I am going to move on to Ripped in 30 and review that one with before and afters. I REALLY want a flat stomach! LOL. Thinking about getting her 6 week 6 pack too to do as well. Crazy I know.

So my workout tonight is at the gym. 3 mile run, CX, Body Flow and RPM. A long night but a great night.

On a personal note...please say some prayers for me. As much as I would like to say I am past the tornado, I am still feeling after shocks. Last night we had a storm roll in. I used to love thunderstorms and I still do...unless there is wind. And last night was VERY windy. I really didnt sleep at all. The wind scares the crap out of me. I kept thinking I should get up and make sure none of our stuff was blowing away outside. Ugh. So now my temper is a little short today because I am so tired.

So this may make no sense when I say that another tattoo I would consider would be a tattoo dedicated to wind on my arm. The best way to face your fear is to face it head on. I think it would be a great reminder when I need reassurance from all that my family and I have been thru. I originally thought about a tornado tattoo, but really the root of the problem is wind.

Here is what I am thinking about for the phoenix:

And something similar to this for the shoulder tattoo for wind...I love the colors but I dont want a full arm. I love how the clouds are stylized but I hate the seagulls. LOL. Who knows...maybe I could be talked into a full arm. I think this whole piece is beautiful.

No copying please...Just kidding.

Tip of the Day: 
 (I apologize if I have been redoing some of these. I seem to have gotten lazy and not looked thru magazines for new tips BUT I got some new magazines yesterday so new tips will be coming soon)


  1. Those are some big tattoos! If I get anything, I think I'll start very small, like "13.1!!" I'm too scared!

    1. go big or go home...LOL. Though I say that before I have endured the pain or the hours. LOL

  2. The phoenix is absolutely beautiful! I can only imagine what you go through when you hear strong wind.

    1. Thanks. I finally found the phoenix I want. I didnt want something typical. I wanted it very stylized.