Friday, August 24, 2012

Scapegoats and Sacred Cows- a friend of mine.

A couple quick notes before I get into the meat/meet of my Friday blog.


It's FRIDAY! Woo Hoo! K and I are going tonight to the concert in the park then to Aubreys. Of course, running and zumba are before that. P is hopefully joining us at Aubreys for a cocktail. :)


I stayed on track yesterday and maintained my weight at 174.5.

I did my zumba yesterday, jumped on the trampoline (which surprisingly in 10 minutes, I burned 69 calories!), then helped K unbox. I didnt get over there until after 9pm and was there til about 11 so only 204 calories were burned there.

I also did another wrap. Dont know that I am seeing many results with it but I will take a couple pictures to compare with my other "before" shots. Figured I would do a couple wraps to see if there are dramatic results.

Today I did zumba again. I couldnt remember if I had done the HRM for calories for it, so I turned it on today. In less than 20 minutes, 162 calories are burned. Really pretty good I thought.
So onto the title of my blog for today.

Scapegoats and Sacred Cows

This is the title of my friend P's blog. I am sure I have mentioned her on here a few times.

I would like to introduce you all to her.

Her name is Penni Jones.

She is a good friend of mine, a neighbor, and a Friday night Ladies of Dexter frequenter.

She has a great sense of humor and sarcasm, is intelligent, and is from the South with her cute little southern accent (but we dont hold that against her LOL). She is married, and has two kids the same age as my kids. According to her, she also "drinks too much coffee and eats too much sugar" but hey- dont we all?

She is also an excellent writer. While I am good with paint, she is great at writing and painting pictures on paper with words. I really envy that. She has one book currently on the market that she self published and is working on another one.

Need a good book to read?

Check out her first book-

If the name of the book doesn't have you intrigued about what this is about, it starts off about a woman who gets a letter saying her mother is sick. She goes to visit her mom and finds out it is just a guise to get her back to the religious cult compound where she and two of her friends grew up- until the leader of the cult was murdered, that is. The current leader is out for blood and wants to avenge his father who was murdered by the girls all those years ago while also preparing his followers for a predicted Holy War.

Twists and turns ensue while the three friends come back to the compound for one reason or another and then try to escape (alive) for the second time in their lives. I literally couldnt put the book down. I read it in a day and a half.

It was also the first book that I read on the Kindle app on my phone. I fought it and fought it, but after reading the preview pages for the book, I had to have the book in my hands NOW. So I am no longer a Kindle virgin.

I am sure that I didnt do the review justice so here is the link to Amazon. It is also available on Nook, Sony Reader and iBooks. Take a sneak peak at the book and read the first few pages. It hooked me.

While this book is a bit dark in exploring the inner workings of a cult (all fictional), Penni's sense of humor and sarcasm shines thru on her blog. If I am having a bad day, or the kids are bugging me, or I am out of Xanax (just kidding), I check out her blog. Always makes me laugh.

So check out Scapegoats and Sacred Cows and let me know what you think!

And have a great Friday (and weekend) everyone!
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