Thursday, August 23, 2012

Soothing sore muscles and a fun question

So yesterday and today my neck was way too sore to do the Ripped workout. I am really disappointed because I wanted to see it the whole way thru. I will probably have to wait another couple days until my neck unknots to pick it back up.

That being said, I didnt NOT do a workout yesterday. I think I mentioned that I did the 20 minute zumba dvd because I am going to become an instructor. Good practice and I truly love zumba more than any other exercise.

Then last night I went to K's house and we literally unpacked close to 100 boxes. Today her countertop is getting installed (as we speak) so we can unpack some kitchen boxes and unpack another load that the movers are bringing.

Aaron was a sweetheart and brought me heating packs and icy hot for my neck last night. The heat pack didnt like to stay on so that was a bust but the icy hot has been fantastic. I just keep slathering the stuff on.

So with the minimal amount of exercise I did yesterday, I was surprised to see 174.5 today. A half pound loss and I will take it!!

Tonight I think I am going to wear my heart rate monitor to see how many calories we burn just out of morbid curiosity. We did a lot of heavy lifting. The gal has a huge library of books!

So this morning, no Ripped for me again. I did the 20 minute zumba again. This afternoon when the boys nap, I am hoping to do the cardio party. We shall see if it happens. Tonight- more boxes. :)
My sore neck leads me to some tips that I found in an online article: Thought I would share.

Recovery Done Right- 8 Ways to Prevent Muscle Soreness

1. Stretch (duh)
2. Eat for rapid recovery- have a postworkout drink with between a 3:1 to 5:1 carb-to-protein ratio reduced muscle damage and improved recovery times
3. Ice it- immediately after a workout
4. Change your diet- add foods that are rich in omega-3's to your diet
5. Massage sore spots- a favorite tip of mine if you can get a significant other to do it for you
6. Get heated- after your muscles have returned to "resting" temperature
7. Move it- Dont skip your next workout because of soreness
8. Pop a painkiller- if you MUST. 

Now onto a more fun topic that my husband informed me about the other day.
You will understand why He knew about it and not Me when I tell you...

So Jenny McCarthy is 39, almost 40 and she has announced that she is going to be on the cover of Playboy. I say- YOU GO GIRL! It is how she got her start afterall.

Here is her current cover:

Here is her debut cover (1993):

I used to think she was a ditz way back when, but now I really like her. She has become a great role model and public activist for autism.

Anyways, I digress. 

Kudos to her. She looks great. She isnt anorexic looking. She has curves. She even said that she didnt want to diet. She just wanted to tone up. My husband said he finds her more attractive now then when she was younger. Which led him to asking me...

If you were to pose for Playboy, would it be your younger self, your current self, or your future self?

My answer was easy. It would be my current self. I dont know what my future self looks like. If I have a flat stomach etc and my younger self looks no where as good as my current self does.  

What about you? Would your younger self pose, your current self pose, or your future self pose?

What do you think about her posing for Playboy at 39?

Have a great Thursday everyone!

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