Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday, oh Monday

So first, I want to admit that I totally just stole this from Krystal at SkinnyJeansDreams. Saw it, and loved it. Thanks Krystal!

So yesterday was a great work out day with some not so great evening choices. LOL. Such is life.

I did Ripped and then I went for an evening walk with S. K wanted to go but was tired after seeing her daughter at college. Her intentions were there but the body was weak. She isnt getting out of it today though (wink).

Anyways...S and I went for a walk thru the neighborhood and burned 261 calories. Nice huh?

Then I got home and it sort of fell apart. I had some pita chips and hummus. Hummus is good, pita chips arent. And I made a lime vodka and sierra mist drink. Really yummy. And I had a little corner of my slutty brownie. After I ate it, I regretted it. It just wasnt what I was looking for. Dont think I will make that same mistake again. Oh well.

This morning my scale said 174.5. So not horrible. A 1/2 pound gain.
Yesterday I went and bought a HUGE canvas. 30"x48". 2'-6"x4'. Big!

I need a project to keep me busy in the evenings so I dont snack.

So I am going to paint a picture for above our fireplace. Not sure how it is going to turn out, but I love to paint and have really missed doing so. I got the background done yesterday. It isnt much to look at so far, but I plan on painting a lot of really abstract bright poppies on it so it sort of matches the new recliner that we have. I want to draw the colors thru the kitchen into the dining room. And frankly, the green wall needs a big pop of color.
kind of hard to see with the glare from the window, but it goes from brown at the bottom to a gold khaki at the top. On top of all that will be some nice bright, abstract poppies

My mom bought me a beautiful mirror to put up there (she is giving it to us for Christmas) but it is only 16" around and I think it is going to be way too small. SO I think I am going to put that up in our master bedroom. We have nothing on the walls up there yet.

I also bought two canvas's for the kids to paint today. I cant wait. It will be nice to get some kid art up on the walls. I think I am going to put them upstairs in the hallway. I already have another picture I painted up there.  Here it is:
I painted this when Aaron and I lived out in Arizona. It is based on an artists work that I just fell in love with. So I recreated it in my own home.

Last night I also made up my first container of overnight oatmeal. I got the idea from Katie from RunsforCookies when I finished up a container of peanut butter yesterday.

This is what I did...

Took the unwashed container of peanut butter and added 1/2 cup quick oats, 1/2 cup almond milk, a smidge of real maple syrup, a teaspoon of real cocoa powder and a dash of cinnamon. Stir it up, throw the lid on, and I inverted mine in the fridge over night.

So once I finished Ripped this morning, I enjoyed my already made oatmeal. It was delicious!! AND I killed my workout this morning. The 2 minutes of cardio in plank are getting a lot easier.
Tonight I am ripping K from her house. We are walking. Come hell or high water. I may go for a quick run tonight before I go and get her.

And I plan on having some tuna for dinner. My husband HATES tuna but it is a good protein. I can eat it with some carrots or celery. Hoping to go for a run/walk, come back and paint. NO SNACKING!!
And on a final daily note, I think I may put on another wrap tonight. My "aunt" is about ready to leave and I am anxious to try out the remaining wraps. IF they work and tighten my skin, I want to place another order. HOWEVER, if they dont tighten the skin dramatically, I dont know that I will be placing an order. I have 4 chances.

And that will help me stay on plan too. No drinking alcohol, no snacking, clean eating only. Lots of water.

Phew. Ok. Enough miscellaneous thoughts for the day. Onto getting the boys ready to paint.
Have a great Monday everyone!
Tip of the day: and something I need to remember!


  1. Your painting will turn out fab!! Have fun working out later :)

    1. Thanks! So far so good in the painting department. Going to take a while, but I wanted a good project