Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend wrap, failures and motivation

<--- This is exactly what I DIDNT do yesterday. And I didnt exercise either. Bad, bad bad.

Yesterday my mother in law and father in law came over and we went out to lunch to Coney Island. And I had a gyro and spinach pie. Something I usually dont get very often and I splurged.

Then my father in law left to head back north and Aarons grandma and uncle came over to join us and my mother in law for dinner.

For dinner we had grilled chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, parsnips, onions, carrots and brussell sprouts. Yummy! And Andi and the boys made pretzels. And we had italian bread. Lots of carbs. And I didnt say no. And I KNOW what carbs do to me. Then we had some cookies for dessert. But it is ok. Only temporary.

So no surprise with the carb bloat that I was up to 179.5 today. Not kidding. Carbs and I just dont get along and I LOVE them so much! But the weight has already started falling. Hard work this week will get me back down.

But it was still a big FAIL where the clean diet is concerned.

By the time family left and we got the boys to bed it was late and I still had to go and water the plants. It has been SO hot around here that everything is starting to die. And while I dont care about the grass dying because we will be replacing it, I dont want the plants to die.

It took me an hour to water all the plants.

And I am not going to work out at 10 pm. So I missed a day of 30 DS.

Another FAIL. LOL

Some might get discouraged, but when you fail it is all about how you recover from it.

I made up for it today and got my 30 DS in after I dropped Xavier off for his first day of camp for the week.

This afternoon after lunch I want to work in the yard for a while and prune the shrubs.

Tonight will either be a walk with neighbors or a run. It is yet to be decided.

So it is the start of a new week and the start over of the clean diet.

How did you do this weekend? What are your plans for this week?


I know I have mentioned all of this before, but I think it is something that is important to keep in our thoughts as we go thru our weight loss journey.

What motivates you?

Are you motivated? Or are you disciplined?


Think about it.

I was talking with my friend K this weekend. She and I go for walks around the neighborhood. She asked that I help keep her accountable and motivated to get back into shape and stay active. So I bug her about walking with me. LOL. I love her lots and she asked me to do it. I warned her I could be a nag ahead of time.

One thing she told me after we walked on Thurs this past week was that she really didnt want to walk that night. But I nagged her enough and she felt guilty because she wasnt feeling well when we were supposed to walk another day that week. BUT by the time we were done, she was feeling so much better. Exercise really does invigorate you. Can turn a bad day into a good one. And we had a good time. We were able to talk and vent and we got a good calorie burn. Just over 400 calories by the time we were done unloading some stuff she had in her car into the basement of her house too.

Here is the thing though...

I can be a motivating FACTOR. I can nag and bug and be an accountability partner, but I cant FORCE you to do it. I cant WANT it for you. Well I can WANT it for you, but that wont make someone succeed. LOL. Luckily the gals I walk with want it. It is just a matter of being an accountability partner for them. Right now with the construction in their houses still continuing, I am that voice that reminds them to take time out for themselves. To decompress. Unwind. Not stress.

I had someone else ask me how to get motivated. I really didnt have an answer for that. It could be wanting to fit into something, an upcoming wedding, a certain weight. BUT it is the discipline and habit that keep you going. If you dont want it, you wont succeed. You may start out doing it, but soon interest may wain and it stops. I think that is why when I dieted in the past the weight came back on. I wasnt dieting for me. I was dieting because I was told I HAD to. 

One of the things a couple of the neighborhood gals and I have decided is that this winter when it is too bad to walk outside, we will rotate gym nights at each others houses. Each of us have different equipment and it will help keep the body guessing. Good motivation. And I think it will happen. As long as the discipline takes over.

This weekend should be lots of fun.

Friday night is Feta Bread Friday though this week we will be visiting the Beer Tent because it is Dexter Days. I am prepared for plenty of bloat. LOL

Saturday is my Pampered Chef party. Need anything please let me know! LOL And I have lots of healthy food planned for the party. So if I happen to overindulge, it wont be devastating
And Aarons mom has offered to take the kids for the night so Aaron and I can have date night. How nice! We will probably go see Batman. We have both been wanting to see it.

Then Sunday we are going to Canton to a place called FlyZone (I think). It is completely filled with trampolines. I mean the floors, the walls..everything. My mother in law heard you can burn 800 calories an hour at this place. I will be wearing my HRM just for the curiosity factor. LOL. And it is my chance to burn off all the bad stuff from Friday night.

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. The thing is it never ends. You lose the weight and the work never ends. There is no "done." Fitting into a cute skirt or running a 5k in 26:35 makes it worth it all. But being healthy to continue enjoying life is the biggest payoff!