Friday, August 31, 2012

A decision has been made

I have been in a bit of a funk lately.

Not working out like I should.

It has all been since the tornado.

I just cant get my weight to go back down to where I was pre-tornado.

And damn it. I really want a flat stomach. But seeing me stuck on the scale has given my confidence a jab and has left me with a sort of "F" it attitude.

I have tried the Jillian Michaels thing and my muscles took a major hit. Dont get me wrong- this dvd is great. And on days I cant get to the gym, I will probably do Jillian and P90X. The dvd wont get dusty. LOL


Time to go back to what was working for me.

Next week when Xavier starts school and it is just Landry and I, I will be starting P90X up again.

I NEED more than cardio.

My body WANTS the weight training.

And P90X is what was giving me the big change. begins. I am going to start on Labor Day.

This is only an obstacle. I can get thru this.

I am also going to be really altering my diet. I have let the snacking take control.

I eat great during the day, but come evening, it is bad, bad, bad snacking.

I can't get back down doing that, and it is something I reverted to once the tornado hit. Comfort eating of sorts.

Friday nights will still be considered my splurge nights, but I really, REALLY have to control myself when eating with family and things arent what I would normally have. That is where I get into trouble too.

And come November, while I am doing P90X, I will be starting with Eric, my personal trainer, as well. I should be working out with him hopefully on Tuesdays and Thursdays on my cardio days of P90X. And I should be into my 3rd month of P90X by then too and hopefully seeing some great results.

Final change...

I am skeptical, but I am thinking about trying a couple products from the wraps company. I am thinking about trying their greens product and putting it in with some orange juice during the day and also trying their fat fighter for my splurge days like Fridays. To be able to get a ton of fruits and veggies all at once has great appeal to me.

I may also continue with the wrap now that I will be doing major weight lifting to try to get the skin flatter, quicker. We shall see.

I can do this. I can be back down to where I was pre tornado.

I just need to get back into that frame of mind. The tornado took something out of me that I desperately need to get back.

Time to kick it people.

That being said, today may not be a kicking it day for me. LOL. Well as far as zumba CLASS is concerned.

I HAVE to finish my shopping for the tornado claim and submit my receipts on Tuesday. SO this morning is the mall and this afternoon is IKEA. K is going with me to IKEA and I dont know if I will be back in time to go to zumba. SO if I am not, I plan on working out at home before the last concert of the summer tonight. Its FETA BREAD FRIDAY!!

Today is the day I sign up for my half marathon the end of October. I am getting ready to do it as soon as I am done with this post. I had to dig out my passport because we will be running into Canada. How cool to say I ran in a different country even if it is just Canada.

So off I go to sign up. And to start getting ready for a shopping spree. I should be able to burn some calories doing that huh? LOL.

Have a great Friday everyone!!

I just went to sign up for the half marathon because we just got paid so I had to wait. Registration is CLOSED and I cannot late register the day of the race. So bummed!! I am just gonna have to find something else to run.

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  1. Night time tends to be the worst for me too. It's part of the "relaxing" for me (especially after a long day at work).

    I have no doubt you'll get there - you're mindful & you aren't sugar coating the slip ups. :)

    1. Thanks Lucy. I am trying. Enjoying the weekend then the work sets in.

  2. A change in routine always screws me up. I get in a routine when the kids are in school and then summer vacation happens. Then when I finally figure out a new routine, school starts! Since I don't have a job yet I plan to take full advantage of all the free time I WILL have and workout hard and smart! You'll get it done. You are a machine!

    1. Thanks for the support. I am kind of enjoying the weekend and not worrying much about what I eat because I know what is coming up. LOL. Tomorrow I will probably do some Kenpo in the evening to get a good start.