Friday, August 10, 2012

Review of Day One of Ripped

Ripped in 30 is awesome. Seriously awesome.

If you didnt read my review on the new page that I created, I have to share.

Jillian is more herself in this video. No more sugar coating. She pushes you hard. Even her "Badass" version she pushes even further. She harps. She talks sternly. She is how she is in the Biggest Loser. I love it!

Also in this video- instead of a 30 second strength move then a 1 minute strength move (then repeat) she does (3) 30 second moves. It makes the video FLY by.

Some of the moves are the same but she mixes it all up. She also promises that you wont see a single move repeated thru any of the 4 weeks. Nice.

It is another quick 20 minute workout and within the just over 20 minute time with warm up and cool down I burned 273 calories! That is more than what I did on level 2 of 30 DS and this is the entry level, beginning week! Wow!!

If you want a great work out that is quick and effective, check out Ripped in 30.

PS...this morning when I woke up, I was sore!! This was the first time I have gotten "sore" from one of her videos. Before they got achy but this is the true sore you look for. When you feel this way you KNOW you got a good workout. And my abs are sore. Never before from her other video did I get sore or even achy abs. My legs are sore, my abs are sore, my back and shoulders are sore. Weight this morning: 176.5

Yesterday I finally went and bought a mattress for our bedroom. We have been sleeping on an air mattress and while it is comfy, it just isnt the same.

Aarons mom came over to watch the boys while I went.

Then we went to Dexter Pub for dinner. I didnt make the healthiest choices, but I am not sweating it. I had a french dip and some fries.

Then after we got the kids to bed, I headed over to K's house with one of the mini kegs of Oberon Beer. She was moving back in yesterday and I thought we would be spending lots of time unpacking.

Well I think she and I were both surprised yesterday when her contractor said that there must have been a lack of communication. He thought she was just moving her stuff in. Huh?? Her lease is up on her rental. LOL. She had to move home.

But anyways...her clothing was delivered. So we spent the evening unpacking boxes, going thru clothes, shoes, etc so she could decide what to keep and what to donate. We got her room done. It was a start. It wasnt quite the workout I envisioned with heavy lifting (lol) but we did burn probably 300 or so calories. I did wear my HRM but forgot to turn it on until later in the evening. And we did have a couple beers after I was able to figure out the stupid keg tap.

Today she gets more things delivered with next week being the big stuff. I know she is feeling overwhelmed but I found for us it was easier to stagger the delivery of everything so it didnt feel so claustrophobic in the house and well...overwhelming!

SOOOO I wish her lots of luck today!!! And hopefully the rain will hold off until her things get delivered!

 Thats right. Tonight is ZUMBA! I love zumba!

Then it is off to the Beer Tent from Dexter Days for girls night. Dont know if we will actually be making it for feta bread or not. Who knows. Maybe we will order take out and bring it over to the tent. Regardless it is sure to be fun.

K isnt sure how long she is going to be able to stay for, but I really want her to come for an hour and eat some dinner and just decompress from her crazy days.

And finally-
I received my It Works wrap in the mail yesterday for my review. I am SO excited. I cannot wait to try it. Sunday night will be the night and I will be sure to take before and after pictures as well as measurements to post on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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  1. Ok, I got confused being behind a day! Have fun tonight!