Monday, August 27, 2012

A lost weekend

Friday night was a great night. Zumba was awesome. I also ran 4.35 miles. In just under two hours I burned 1101 calories at the gym.

That night K picked me up her in fun little convertible and we went to the concert in the park where our friend C found us.

After the concert was over we headed to Aubreys for feta bread, and I had wings. I also had two prickly pear margaritas which were my calorie undoing. LOL. No sweat. Life is for living.

Saturday I took the boys up to my sisters house for overnight. During the day we took the kids to a wading pool and to the park. It was a lot of fun.

That night my sisters friend came over and we were up until 2am drinking and talking. LOL. The boys didnt sleep well that night. They kept falling out of the bed. LOL. I slept on the floor by them incase they fell out again but every time I moved, they woke up. So Sunday I was exhausted.

We had an early start in coming home because Aaron had picked up mulch for me and I wanted to get it down. Surprise, surprise, when I got home Aaron had the majority of it down already.

However, I really didnt want him to put it down because some of the old weed barrier was ripping so I had to put down new barrier before the mulch. So while the boys napped, we scrapped up the areas that were ripping, put down new and put down new mulch. We still need about another 1/2 yard of mulch but it looks really nice.

I gained 1.5 lbs this weekend. Up to 176.5. But I really didnt get to exercise at all except for the bit of yardwork.

K and I were supposed to go out last night but she had a really bad migraine. She said the weather pressure affects her and sure enough, last night it started to rain. She is a regular weather barometer!

So for the next 3 days I am babysitting my next door neighbors two kids while they move back in. I will be watching them from 8am-5pm. They are pretty easy. Their youngest is Xaviers age and their oldest is going into 5th grade. Pretty self sufficient.

It kinks my working out a bit...not bad. I did my 20 minute zumba while the kids were playing in the basement. Tonight if it stops raining, I plan on walking with K. If not, it will be zumba cardio party for me.

Tomorrow which is normally my long day will be 20 minute zumba again and probably elliptical or zumba or walking.

Same with Wed.

Thursday we are helping move my aunt (and family) all day so it will be an active day. I may wear my HRM to see how many calories get burned.

All in all a busy week and I will be ready for girls night by Friday.

And on a final note...I am thinking about starting P90X up again once the kids start to school. Landry will be going to school two days a week so I can work out while he is there. I saw the best results from that. Plus I need to be running and training regularly for my half. So the gym classes will be cut back so I can work on running. 

Have a great Monday everyone!

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  1. I think I asked already, but when is your half? You did one already, so you know what to expect!

    1. End of October is the half that I am doing. I have run one before but was completely unprepared for it so this time I have time to prepare.