Saturday, August 18, 2012

Conquered Friday

Yesterday was a success in my book.

I did my Ripped- which you all knew if you read my blog yesterday.

And last night I walked for 2.5 miles and did zumba. I had planned on running HOWEVER because of how sore I was yesterday, it just wasnt happening.

BUT I got on the treadmill and did 45 minutes on the "Fat Burn" setting.

And between that and zumba, I burned 845 calories.


Then K and I went to the Friday night concert. We didnt stay for the whole thing because we saw that one of our neighbors "checked in" on Facebook at Aubreys so we thought we would go crash.

We ended up running into a couple of K's friends and chatted with them for a while in the bar area of Aubreys. By the time we left them, our friend who "checked in" had left. Oh well! We will catch up to her soon.

I did really good last night. I had one tall Oberon beer and K and I shared an order of traditional buffalo wings (I think I ate 6 of them and she ate 2), and we shared feta bread (which she took the leftovers home from) and she ordered a reuben which she MAYBE ate half of.

Then I came home and margaritas were calling my name. I have a really easy recipe for them. I made them last weekend for my party and I still have quite a few limes and simple syrup left over and I didnt want them to go to waste. LOL. So I made up some margaritas for Aaron and I and munched on some frosted mini wheats for "dessert".

Aaron had a rough go last night. Not sure why. Not sure what he ate...

But his stomach seized up on him about 4:30 this morning and he was in the bathroom getting sick for a while. So I didnt get much sleep either because I was worried about him. In fact, he is still upstairs sleeping and it is 9:15. Usually he is up by 5am. Poor guy.

I, however, was very surprised when the scale said 174.5 today! Woo hoo!

Not only did I NOT gain weight, but I LOST weight. I would say that is a huge accomplishment for me.

Onto today...

I have not yet done Ripped. I will. Probably will go downstairs pretty shortly.

I also realized when I went to make the kids breakfast with something other than cereal, that we are lacking in the breakfast making department. No sausage or bacon. No good veggies for omlets.

So I think I am going to try to take the kids with me and go to the farmers market today. I havent gone yet this year and want to check it out before it is done. They are open from 8-1pm so I need to get my butt in gear.

Tonight I am not sure what I am going to do. Aaron was supposed to go to the Woodward Dream Cruise today with his brother, but I am not sure how he will be feeling now. In fact, I was going to go and see my sister and take the boys with me overnight til tomorrow, but with Aaron not feeling well, I dont want to go.

SO...if Aaron goes to Dream Cruise, I wont be able to go running tonight because I will have to get the boys to bed and stay at the house. So that means either running on the elliptical or maybe doing my cardio party zumba dvd. I keep saying I want to do my zumba dvd so tonight might give me the excuse.

IF Aaron stays, then I will probably go for a run tonight. Or maybe a walk with S if she wants to go.

And I have left over turkey burgers from the other day, so that will be my dinner for tonight. Set up for success for the day.

Have a great Saturday everyone!

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  1. Hope your hubby is feeling better today! And "Super Yea" to your loss - so it does work huh, you CAN live your life (HAVE FUN) and LOSE weight! - YES! :)

    1. apparently you CAN have the best of both worlds!! It is a matter (for me) for not over doing the carbs and eating more protein.

  2. "Treats" are what make life worth living! Who wants to deprive themselves forever? Not me! 1/2 a delicious whoopie pie last night...

    1. Good for you! And if I can plan for the splurge, all the better!