Thursday, August 16, 2012

Few day recap and the devil I know

Hi everyone!

Because I missed writing an entry yesterday morning, I just wanted to do a recap of the past couple days.

Tuesday night I never made it to the gym because Aaron got home from work late. That is ok. I was fine with it because he lets me go out SO often. So instead I contacted K and S to see if they wanted to walk at 8pm. S couldnt make it but K said yes.

So 8 rolls around and no K. Hmmmm....So I texted her and didnt get a response. I finally told Aaron I would go get her. And she wasnt at her house. That is ok. Things come up. So I came back to the house to see if she called. She didnt. I didnt want to go off by myself and have her show at the house so I took my cell and told Aaron that I was going for a run. About 1.2 miles in, K texted me saying that she ran to Lowes without her phone and the time got away from her. I understand that one. Lowes does that to me too. It is like a big black hole. LOL. So I continued my run to her house and we walked about another mile or so. I burned 414 calories in just under an hour. Pretty good.

Wednesday morning I did my last day on week one of Ripped in 30. I was happy and scared at the same time. I mean- week 1 was rough and it is only the beginning! Last night I was supposed to do another wrap. HOWEVER my "aunt" is trying to visit and they dont recommend doing a wrap while "aunts" are in the house.

I have been using the defining gel on my stomach though and I have noticed that it is a bit less wrinkly. AND I am starting to see a bit of definition in my upper abs. VERY EXCITED! So next week will be wrap two. I also will be placing an order for more defining gel (I just got a sample size) and  fat fighter which is supposed to block some fat and carbs when you go off plan...which is what I did last night (hangs head in shame).


Pizza is the devil. The delicious, greasy devil.

Especially Pizza Hut. And Jets...and Aubreys...

Well really any pizza.

We had gone to the Toledo Zoo yesterday (the boys, my mother in law, and I) and were there from 11 or so until 5. We packed a lunch so I did good there. And I pushed a double stroller around with the coolers in it. The boys walked for the majority.

But then.

We got back to Aarons grandmas house and it was time for dinner.

Aaron and his mom went and got pizza. Pizza Hut pizza. With all the good toppings on it...well except onions. They dont like onions. I do though.

And they got breadsticks.

And cinnamon bread sticks.

And at this point I knew I was going to eat WAY more than I should and I was wishing I had some of that fat fighter. LOL. We ALL know what CARBS do to me. And I just cant say no. I try not to keep them in the house. I cant. say. no.

After two pieces of pizza, and I dont know how many breadsticks, I left feeling way too full and bloated. Good thing is that I only gained a 1/2 pound. I am sure it is because of all the walking we did yesterday. Saved by the zoo.

We didnt get home til 8:30 and I was feeling way too full to exercise so I stayed up and watched Big Bang Theory and read my book. And I drank some water with natural cranberry juice to help flush out what I ate.

Today was the start of week two of Ripped. OH MY!!! In this one she definitely makes you bring it. I am talking about push ups while you bring your knee to your elbow. Now I have a hard time doing push ups anyways. My right shoulder has a screwy range of motion. Pretty sure I am going to need to have my rotator cuff worked on at some point. So I didnt really do much of a push up but I did do the leg bend. Holy crap.
Then in one of the circuits she has you do plank jacks and go right into mountain climbers....seriously? Holy crap again. Pendulum lunges make a comeback from 30DS with a twist. Oh my. My arms are already sore. My calories burned is a bit high because I forgot to turn it off until I was up and making my smoothie, but regardless it is an awesome workout at 286 calories burned. Yup thats right. Her 30 minute workout (with warm up and cool down) gives you an awesome start to the day.

Tonight I cant make it to the gym either. It is my brother in laws birthday SO we go back to Aarons grandmas house tonight for a party. This time I learned my lesson and am fixing myself up for success. We are doing hot dogs and hamburgers. So I will be picking up ground turkey for me and my clean Kopplinger hamburger buns. Also I am in charge of the cake so I will be picking up a cake mix and frosting that I dont like. Cherry. My mother in law always used to make that for Aaron and his brother growing up and it just isnt my thing. But I will be making a molten lava style cake in my Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker.

During the boys nap, I may try to get in some zumba. Just bump up the cardio again before dinner tonight.

Tomorrow is Friday and you know what that means.... Feta Bread Friday. LOL. My favorite day of the week. Not sure who all is coming yet but I always look forward to it.

OHHHH and I didnt get a chance to tell you all yet.

But if you read my blog a couple weeks ago you will know that I talked about self discovery and self image. About how I want to do things for me because I like them (ie tattoo). I didnt want to post anything because my mom reads my blog and I didnt want her to find out on here. LOL. BUT...

I went and got my nose pierced. It is something that I have wanted for years. I have other piercings but this was going to be my first "non-normal" face piercing. I wasnt sure how my mom was going to take it. She came to my Pampered Chef party and didnt even notice for a while. LOL. When she did she said "Really?" I said "Yes, I have wanted one for a while" to which she replied "Good luck with that". LOL. That was it. My friend C interjected that really it is pretty discrete. I mean my mom didnt even notice it for about 45 minutes. LOL.

I did warn my mom by text that my blue hair pieces were clip in. LOL. I really want to dye my hair but I have decided that as much as I would like to, it is much more fun to get clip ins to be able to change the color whenever I want.

What do you think of my piercing? And my blue hair?

This is right after it was done which is why my nose is red. LOL
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  1. I like it! And I want a tattoo, probably after my half and Ragnar.

    1. Thanks! What are you going to get a tattoo of?

  2. You look great! And you're right - Pizza Hut (deep dish) pizza IS the devil-lol!

    1. Glad I am not the only one who thinks that! LOL. I did much better tonight for food choices but more on that tomorrow.