Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Its Official

Well it is official. I have bought the T25 Challenge pack and also have signed up to be a coach.

I hope to help anyone that wants to get fit, meet all their goals! So please, if you would love some help, you can sign up on my Beachbody page (for free!!):

So Aaron and I will be partaking in the T25 challenge in just a few days.If you want to join us, let me know! There is a FB page for the challenge that will be great for support as we go thru this all together! It is a 10 week program for 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week and we are both very excited to get started. I said before that I still plan on doing this in conjunction with lifting weights. This will be my morning workout and then lift in the evenings.

Curious as to what T25 is? Here is a video preview.
It is a 9 minute video but if you watch to about minute 3 or so, you will want to keep watching just to see the results. I would love results half as good as these people got so I will be doing it hard and heavy. One guy that did this (about minute 7) started off in the 290s. By the end of the 10 weeks he was 226.

Ok that is enough out of will hear some updates regarding the T25 as we start but I am not going to be the person that constantly shoves Beachbody down your throat. You know I do it, you know I would love to help. I am here for you so contact me if you want to get going. End of story...well the start actually ;)

So I never got to work on Zumba routines yesterday because I was busy with the Beachbody thing but last night I went to the Rec Center. I did 2 miles on the track. 22 laps. Geeze! Does anyone know of an app or a way to track your laps so you dont have to constantly think lap 2, lap 2, lap 2 as you run? I tried using my digifit app but it doesnt get good gps reception in the gym and I dont know that it would pick up that small of a lap.

After I was done with my two miles, I hopped on the evil elliptical and did the Fat Burn setting with Glute Blaster for 15 minutes.

Then it was back downstairs where I did leg adductors, leg abductors and then went over and did 100 squats using a weighted bar. After that I did leg extensions to work the quads and I called it a night. I walked home from there...0.44 miles. I am sore today.

Eating was on point.
Breakfast was Arbonne protein shake (I am officially out of oatmeal)
I got a little hungry later on and had a homemade protein bar
Then at lunch I had an english muffin, two eggs over medium with melted pepper jack cheese and some sauteed onions.
Before hitting the gym I had some tuna with fat free mayo, celery and onion and some crackers.
After the gym I had a little bit of chicken, a little bit of pork, a half of a protein bar and then my casein shake later.

Today I woke up and was 175.0. Two more pounds gone! How excited am I?

My goal is to get as much of this weight off before starting the challenge. I want to get the best results possible. Dont worry...I am eating what I need to and tracking everything in myfitnesspal.

Today the kids have physicals. Then we are going to a friends house for them to play. Then tonight I will be picking the kids up Happy Meals as a treat for them to eat on the way home. Then it is off to Treefort at the Rec Center so Aaron can work out while the kids play. Then it is my turn.

I think tonight I am going to aim for 2.5 miles on the treadmill then 15 minutes on the elliptical. Then it is back and biceps. I am trying to slowly work my mileage for running back up. When I was training really hard I sort of gave that up and my body can tell. I just dont have the cardio endurance I used to.

My friend Jamie posted this yesterday on her FB page:
It is a great thing to think about before you eat something.

This past Monday I wore my heart rate monitor to the gym while I taught Zumba. I shared with the class at the end how many calories I burned. I think it was 776 or something like that...

Anyways, one of my students said "thats a donut!". And I looked at her and smiled because she always goes to get ice cream after class. She must have realized what I thought because she went on to clarify "I mean that is ONLY a donut!". All that hard work and thats ALL we worked off.

Now I know that donuts arent that many calories, but I would rather have her think about that before she was leaving to go to get her ice cream. She is under the mindset that she gets a double scoop because it is only 30 cents more. And is sugar free right? My hope is that next time she thinks before she eats.

Also I am wondering what your weakest time of day is as far as snacking goes?
One thing I have figured out is that when I work out at night I really dont want to snack.

Another thing is that if I paint my nails at my weak point of the day then I cant snack because they are wet. A great tip for you.

How do you get your weakest points of the day?

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  1. It all depends on when and if I worked out, but when I was obese, evenings, after everyone went to bed, was my downfall.

  2. You'll be great at're so inspiring.

  3. Long time reader, but I don't know that I ever commented, but I wanted to let you know I totally ordered T25 because of you :) I hope I enjoy it. I really look forward to seeing your progress. I also gave you a shout out on my blog.

    1. Thanks Alana!! Today was day two of T25 for me. It is very hard but I drip with sweat and it is over before you know it!! Let me know how you like it!