Monday, September 16, 2013

Updates and Progress Photo

Hey everyone!!

Checking back in again finally!

The party this weekend was excellent. I could not have asked for better weather- cool but sunny.

The problem family members showed and even brought someone that Aaron said no to, but at that point, what are you gonna do? He even tried to say hi to them but they completely ignored him. I just stayed away.

They didn't stay too long into the afternoon though so it wasn't a big deal.

The party really started after that.

The cake I bought was phenomenal and my thought that we would have a ton of cake left was wrong. We had one piece of chocolate left.

I even went in and taught Zumba before the party to get the calorie burn going! I was proud of myself.

That day was also Staturday. While I didn't have time to take measurements, I did take progress pictures.

This is my before and then after week 6. I am seeing pretty good progress! Not only in the abs, but butt is rounder and thighs are smaller.

I will be doing the Gamma round after I am done with Beta. Then onto Body Beast.

I also started a T25 challenge group on Facebook. Today is day one. I am very excited to be leading a group of people that want to get big changes.

Beginning of last week I also ordered two new supplements that I am going to try for one month.

One is called Safer Colon. You take it in the evening before bed and it is supposed to help detoxify your body and in the process help you sleep better.

The other is called Garcinia Cambogia. You may have heard about it from Dr Oz or one of the other doctor shows.people are getting huge weight loss and tightening from it. Figured I would try it and review it for you all.

They should be coming today or tomorrow in the mail.

The plan is to use Saturdays picture as the "before" and then take the "after" when I am done with T25. The two should just about co-inside with each other.

Today was the start of week 7 of T25. Core Dynamics. Woah. Beta is all about muscle building and this is no joke. No weights are used, but Shaun T knows how to work your core.

Then I went for a 1.2 mile-ish run. I took Casper (my in-laws weimaraner) with me so it was a pretty slow jog. He is getting up in years. I didn't do my full 3.3 mile run because I have to teach Zumba tonight and last week when I would do T25 and then my big run, I would be wiped out pretty early at night.

Shakeology was for breakfast. Not sure what I am going to do for lunch yet. Maybe some eggs and an English muffin. Hmmm... Celery?

Dinner tonight will be authentic Italian pizza from the Italian bakery. I forgot to pull it from the freezer and make it for the party so it will be an easy dinner for all of us tonight.

My plan is to have an Arbonne shake after Zumba. Maybe some tuna or goat cheese too.

We will see.

Well that's the news for now!!! What are you up to? Trying anything new?!?

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  1. Great job! I want to see some tat pics! You've had some work done!