Thursday, August 1, 2013

Daily Update

Hey everyone! And happy Thursday!

Yesterday was a great day.

Xavier and Landry had their physicals for the year. Both boys are back in their growth curve on the chart. A while back Xavier was above where he should be in weight. It is good to know that with him eating more cleanly and with having a growth spurt that he is back on track. I really dont want my kids to become obese like what I was as a child. The doctor was cute in asking them their favorite veggies and fruit and favorite foods.

Poor Landry had to have 3 shots. He was very tired already and so I tried to distract him but he screamed and screamed. Finally calming down after about 10 minutes.

Then we went to my friends house for the kids to play. On the way home I got the kids Happy Meals.

It was raining pretty good at that point and Aaron was home already. I ate dinner and changed into workout clothes. It was obvious that the boys were exhausted by their 'tudes so we decided not to go to tree fort. I told Aaron he could go to the gym and I would work out at home. Well he fell asleep on the couch at 7pm. I let the kids play til 7:30 and they woke him up. The boys ended up going to bed with no problems and never came out of their rooms with any stall tactics like they normally do.

I decided to do some Turbo Jam Cardio Party. It was my first time doing this one and it was SO MUCH FUN! A mix of dancing, boxing and kickboxing. The 45 minutes flew by so quickly that I put in Ab Jam too. I ended up doing about 10 minutes of that one before turning it off. I had turned up the music (its an option on the disc) and I couldnt hear the instructions which was fine while we were standing and I could see the tv, but they went to the floor for exercises.  Knowing I wouldnt be able to hear or see well, I called "uncle" for the night. In one hour I burned 553 calories. Not shabby.

And today I am SO SORE! My obliques hurt like they NEVER have before! I plan on doing the whole disc on Friday (19 minutes of ab work).

Aaron decided that he was too tired and opted out of any exercise. He went to bed at 8pm.  He better realize he cant do that when we start T25. LOL. I want him committed for the 10 weeks.

Eating was on point.
You can tell I am in dire need to go grocery shopping when you see what I eat between today and tomorrow. LOL.

Breakfast: Arbonne protein shake
Snack: Homemade arbonne protein bar
Lunch: 2 eggs over medium (the last of my eggs) with melted pepperjack cheese, sauteed onions and a toasted dry wheat roll
Dinner: tuna with celery, onion and fat free mayo with reduced fat crackers, a smidge of pork
Snack: Casein protein shake

So today I weighed 174.5. Not bad at all. Half pound loss. I knew I wouldnt be able to maintain a 2-4 lb loss a day. LOL. If I can do a half pound a day that would be excellent though not sustainable in the long term.

Today is back and biceps. Then we also have RPM. Last week was the RPM class from hell and I just found out that we are repeating it. Bring it! It is hard to go backwards after pushing ourselves that much. We must push forwards.

I also got an email last night saying that T25 has been shipped. I am SO EXCITED!

Tomorrow is Friday. I am going to be doing a double hit of Zumba I think...Then it is out with the Dexter ladies.

This time though I am not going to have feta bread. I am going to have water, and some hummus and veggies. I dont want to undo what I have been working so hard to accomplish. Especially because Saturday will not be Zumba because of the memorial for Aarons grandpa.

If T25 comes before Sunday, the plan is to do that before Aaron and I leave for our fun for the day. Then that evening may or may not be to the rec center. Not sure what time Aaron and I will be getting home and if we will be sunburned or not. LOL

So thats it for right now...

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  1. Decided to watch some Extreme Weight Loss this morning to give me some motivation for August!

  2. You are killing it with the exercise! Great job.