Friday, August 2, 2013

Baby Steps

Now that I have lost a bunch of the water weight, it is no surprise that the weight is coming off much more slowly now than what it did end of last week and beginning of this week- even with burning MEGA calories.

So lets start here...

Today I am down another half pound. 174.0. I will take it. Heck I think it was July 23rd when I restarted and I was 183! So 9 lbs down in a matter of what? 2 weeks? Not even?

Eating was on point again yesterday though I have to admit, last night when I got home from the gym I was starving. We really really need to go to the grocery I had to make due with a couple slices of colby jack cheese, a protein bar and my casein shake. Not really nutrient packed but the protein really helped.

Here is what I had:
Breakfast: Arbonne shake
Snack: Arbonne protein bar
Lunch/Dinner- I made up one can of tuna with onions, celery and fat free mayo and split it between lunch and dinner before I left for the gym with some wheat thins
Snack: 2 pieces colby jack cheese, Arbonne protein bar, casein shake

I have to admit...Last night Aaron took the kids to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. Part of me was REALLY hoping that he brought me some wings home for me or that he would have some left over. Yeah no. You know what they had for left overs? A few tortilla chips which he brought home for who knows what reason, a quarter of a soft pretzel (again why?) and 2 mini corn dogs. Ah no thanks.

Ok. Now for the gym.

I didnt get to do a whole lot as far as lifting goes yesterday because I had a packet of paperwork to fill out to get paid from when I subbed Zumba. And when I say a packet...I mean 8 pages or so...

When I did get to work out it was only for about 15 minutes. I did some bicep curls on the machine, tricep push downs, chest presses and rows. That was about it. Sad.

So today I am going to concentrate on the back and biceps again before Zumba.

Ok- moving on. After my pseudo weight lifting was RPM. Oh holy hell. We did the same playlist as last week and for whatever reason, this week it seemed harder. Maybe I pushed myself more...not sure. All I know is that by the time the warm up tracks were done, I was already dripping with sweat.

For RPM...I burned 1069 calories. That is serious burn right there. In just over an hour.

See why I am a bit surprised about not losing more weight from yesterday alone? Thats ok though. My body is gonna do what it is gonna do and I know that I am on track.

On to today.
I mentioned that I was going to do back and biceps again. Then it is Zumba. I am only going to do one class because I am going into Dexter to meet with the gals in the park.

Here is my planned out food for the day:
Breakfast: Arbonne shake
Snack: Arbonne protein bar
Lunch/Dinner: Can of tuna with celery, onion and mayo with wheat thins (can you tell I HAVE to go grocery shopping????
Aubrees snack: hummus with celery NO FETA BREAD!!
Home snack: casein shake

ANNNNDDDDD....I tracked my Beachbody shipment and T25 should be here today!!! Woo Hoo!

Because I am not teaching Zumba tomorrow, my goal is to do T25 tomorrow night. I will officially start the program on Monday but I want to try it out!

So it is August 2nd. Lets talk goals. Do you have goals for August??

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  1. You are on fire!!! Great job with your workouts.

    I watched Dr Oz a few years ago and any thing related to weight-loss or being healthy or longevity I gobbled up. Truly eye-opening to see what the inside of our bodies look like after years of abuse.

  2. Great job! I'm going out tonight for dinner and am fretting about what I'm going to eat. Wish my son would decide where we're going so I can peek at the menus online!

    My goal for August is to get back into the 150's. I've been there twice on 2 consecutive Sunday mornings and lost it come Monday's weigh-in!