Wednesday, August 7, 2013

T25 Day 3 and other observations

Morning everyone!

I am finally figuring out how to do all this on my tablet... Lol.

Anyways... I have made it thru day 3 of T25. Full body circuit. Lots of planks, pikes, jumps, squats and sweat. Thought I was going to die: but in a good way.

My carpet squeaked from all the sweat when my feet were on it. Not joking.

This morning in 25 minutes I burned 362 calories.

Yesterday's eating was on point. No cheating. I did the same food as I did the day before.

I did not end up lifting last night. My calves are killing me (in a good way) from T25 so I decided to take a bath instead.

Tonight I am going to the Rec Center to get some jogging in and some full body weights. Tomorrow for T25 is ab intervals so I will not be working them tonight.

I have to say that I am shocked at how good this T25 program is. I am sore everywhere. My sports bra is always completely wet with sweat and I am already seeing new definition in my calves. And if I am seeing that already, I will definitely keep pushing play for the remainder of the program.

Aaron, however, has fallen off the wagon. He did not workout last night. He got home about 8pm and thought if he did yesterdays workout that he might puke.

Am I disappointed? Yes.

We will see if he gets back on the wagon today. Only time will tell.

This morning I stepped on the scale and found out I shed more water weight. Yeah! Go me! At the same time though, I always think "let's not do this again" but it always seems to happen on the weekends. Sigh. At least now I have set myself up with the proper groceries in the house to keep that from happening.

Onto my meal plan for the day.
One thing I noticed was how hungry I was the past couple days. I would eat and my stomach would be growling 30 minutes later.

So I am going to make a couple tweaks to today.

Before working out this morning, I had half of a protein bar (homemade) and 3 strawberries with my fat burner pill.

After working out I had my shakeology blended with half a banana and natural peanut butter. I also had my vitamin and my 2 CLA pills.

Lunch will be my eggs: 2 eggs and 4 egg whites scrambled and topped with diced tomatoes and basil but with that I will be adding a dry, toasted English muffin. My hope is that the carbs help keep me fuller longer.

Snack will be my fat free plain Greek yogurt with raspberries and almonds.

Dinner tonight is going to be a salmon fillet (about 5-6 oz) broiled with raw tomato and avocado and cilantro with fresh squeezed lemon juice over the top. Sounds delicious right? and my CLA pills.

Evening snack will be my casein shake with some peanut butter.

All this is still only 1244 calories!

As you may know, I am on myfitnesspal. And one of the nice things is being able to look at my friends food diaries to get ideas. BUT I am shocked at how little food some of my friends eat that seem to be so many calories! It can't be filling for them! Look at all the food I will be eating today. It may be surprising to find that it is 1244 calories but it is all clean and tracked in my diary.

Onwards now.

Did anyone watch Extreme Weight loss last night?

I'm watching it right now and poor Chris Powell is gonna eat all that crap food???

His body is not gonna like that!

You should totally watch it if you didn't last night.

The gal is from Michigan :-)

OK. Let's hear about what you are eating. Anyone want to share any recipes? I need some ideas. Lol.

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