Friday, July 26, 2013

What did I do yesterday?

Ok first things first...

I am having major issues with my internet. We found out that it isnt the actual modem from Brighthouse but our wireless router which is netgear brand. Brighthouse said I have to switch the router to channel 11. Anyone have any idea how I do that? lol

I have to restart that damn thing every 5 minutes. Literally.

Which makes it EXTREMELY hard to do my Personal Training test. *sigh*. (Not to mention writing my blog!) Yesterday I had the bright idea to print off all of the essay questions so I can write them in my word processor without being online. So that helps.

But the test is driving me crazy because it is hard, hard, hard. So I am taking a break from it today.


Day 3 of no earwigs. Whoot!

And my workout yesterday:
I decided NOT to do Turbo Jam. I knew that if I went into Ypsi last night for RPM that that would be plenty of cardio for the day.

So for breakfast I had warm oatmeal with unsweetened cocoa powder and a little real maple syrup.

Lunch was two eggs over medium topped with some melted pepper jack cheese, a 100% whole wheat english muffin, and some sauteed onions (with a smidge of olive oil).

Dinner was a little bit of homemade mac and cheese before I went to the gym. And when I say a little, I mean maybe a 1/2 cup. It was made with whole wheat pasta, a smidge of milk, and colby jack cheese. It is my moms recipe and I always loved how it gets uber crunchy, crusty. Yummy.

The carbs helped get me thru my workout.

When I got to the gym, I skipped cardio and went right to chest and tri's. First thing was pull ups and dips.
Then I did standing tricep extensions, cable chest flys, upright cable chest presses, and cable push downs. Then I did some rowing for a couple minutes on the rowing machine.

RPM time. Last night was no joke. Class was an hour and 10 minutes. And it was my first time doing RPM in a month...or maybe more. AND we did three mountain tracks in a row...towards the end of class. That is 20 straight minutes of mountain climbing.

Boy am I glad that I didnt do Turbo Jam yesterday.

Then I got home and had some tuna with onion and fat free mayo, eaten with celery stalks and then my casein shake before bed.

All in all, in 2 hours and 38 minutes at the gym last night, I burned 1161 calories. Yup. Thats right. I am BACK!!

Today I was down to 180.0.

My goal tomorrow is to be back in the 170's.

So today I am trying to decide what the heck to work out.

The plan is to go to the rec center tonight with the kids. They can play in the treehouse and I will watch them. Aaron can work out while they are playing. Then he will take the kids home and I can workout.

I am thinking that tonight will be more cardio. A mile on the track, the evil elliptical and then shoulders and more back and biceps..core.....not sure though.

Tomorrow morning is Zumba class so as much as I want to do legs again, they will have to wait until Monday. Sunday I will need a rest day.

I am not much of a yoga or pilates person so that just isnt an option for me. 

So that is the news today. Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend? What are you doing for exercise today??

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  1. If I'm not running, I've been doing my machine mix-up routine- 20 mins. on elliptical, 10 min. walk at 3.6 mph on average 4 incline, then 20 on the rower, walk again, and 20 on arc trainer with another walk. Makes the time go faster and works the entire body!