Monday, July 29, 2013

Checking in- quickly

Hey all!

Well this weekend went pretty well.

Saturday morning I was down to 179.5. Woot!

Then I had zumba class. And even though I burned over 700 calories and ate well, the next day my weight was up to 180.5.

Yesterday I took a rest day. I really needed it. I was starting to get a sore throat again so I hit the tea and honey last night.

Eating was on point yesterday too. I even resisted fig newtons and cupcakes ALL WEEKEND!!

But with not exercising, there was no surprise I was up another pound today to 181.5. Thats ok. I am hoping to get it back off today.

Tonight is Zumba. But first thing this morning I am going to start working on a learning a new Zumba routine. So I will be burning calories all day as I learn. Then afterwards I will be working out. I think I am going to aim for doing 100 squats with a weighted bar. I think because I did the 500 lb leg presses last week that I am going to skip that and do lunges tonight as well. Front lunges, lateral (side) lunges and back lunges. Maybe some wall sits as well.

Aarons parents are taking the kids after his grandpa's memorial on Saturday. Woot! Hopefully that means that I will be able to get my personal training test done and turned in next week!

And I hope this weather warms up. This has been a really sucky summer.

Ok I am off for now. Things to do so I can get this routine learned!

Oh and PS....I posted this picture at the top because I am striving to workout to get a body a tenth of hers. LOL. She rocks! Dana Lynn Bailey if you didnt know.

And I think when I go to the grocery store this week that I am going to start my nutrition differently and eat as if I am training for a competition. 5 small meals...lots of protein...we will see!

Have a great Monday!

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  1. wow 700 cals burnt is a Lot.
    way to go. xo