Thursday, September 12, 2013

Life Goes By Quickly

My goodness I haven't posted in a while! I apologize for that!

I had a bit of a rough go after Labor Day. I woke up that day with a huge cramp in my neck so bad that it went straight to my head and caused a migraine.

A migraine so bad that when I stood, I thought I was going to be sick.

And the cabin had no drugs except Tylenol PM. So I took it and went to bed.

It took over a week for the cramp to disappear (for the most part). Much of it is probably due to stress with the family over stupid and petty shit for this anniversary party for my in laws. Some people think we are taking credit for the party. We aren't. We had to get a party planned and no one would return my text messages so we picked a date and place. It is my husbands parents and he and his brother have the right to plan their party. These people also want people invited that my in-laws haven't seen in 30± years. Why would we invite them? Now these people may not even come. Fine. This doesn't even begin to explain the conversations that Aaron has had with his family about this party. Craziness. But that is the other reason I have been MIA.

The party is Saturday and I have been cleaning, planning, shopping, setting up etc to get ready for this.

I ended up missing most of T25 last week. I was able to make up as couple of the workouts but this week I am WAY back on track.

Now that Landry is in school too, after I drop the boys I can come home, do T25 and then I have been going for a 3.34 mile run after that! Awesome! It feels great to be running again and I am glad to be making this a new habit.

Eating has been great but my night snacking and drinking has been awful. Drinking helps deal with the stress lol. Bad I know but sue me.

This week has also moved me into the Beta portion of the T25. This focuses more on muscle building. LOVE it!

In fact, I am starting another challenge group on the 16th. If you want in, let me know! I will be restarting from the beginning to go thru it with you.

25 minutes a day, 5 days a week! plus accountability!

AND I can tell you this has helped tremendously with my cardio endurance. It has been forever since I ran anything over 1 mile and yesterday my splits were 10:45 approx with hot humid weather.

Today with the exception of the first mile that I was talking with my mom on the phone (and running 11:23), my remaining splits were 9:45±. I was REALLY happy with that!!

That's about it for now. Sort of quick, but I am alive but extremely busy. Come mid next week, things will calm down a bit. My in laws will be staying with us from tomorrow evening until they go to Ireland on Wednesday. We will get to babysit the dogs. Can't wait! I love Harley and Casper!

OK toodles til next week all!

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