Monday, August 19, 2013

I survived!

Hey all!

This is going to be short and sweet because, well, I am exhausted!

I hurt. My legs are killing me.

I gained two lbs and now am 174. Not from eating bad. Oh no! I ate great! I gained 2 lbs from all the lactic acid build up! Lol. I am fine with it though!

Zumba Friday night was awesome. We only had 5 and 6 people per class but hell...we are used to that! That night I burned 1381 calories putting my burn at over 2000 calories for the day when coupled with the T25 double.

I was actually grateful that no one showed up Saturday morning for class! I worked my arms a bit, came home and Aaron and I took the dog we are dog sitting for a jog/walk.

That night we went out to eat. I had a salad (no dressing) with hummus. Yum.

Yesterday Zumba class rocked again. Only 4 people but I think with finally having nice weather coupled with the Woodward Dream Cruise just kept people out of the gym. It wasn't just our class that was dead but the whole gym! I ended up burning 1021 calories at the gym. Before that, I practiced a routine and burned 199 calories. When I got home after class, I walked the dog and burned another 261 calories.

This morning when it was time for total body T25, my legs screamed at me right away. Lots of screams came out of me too. Lol. Calories burned in 25 minutes, 405 calories.

Tonight is Zumba class again! Then I am following that up with legs. Yeah. I am gonna probably regret that tomorrow but I want to build some muscle mass in my legs.

Eating has been great. I am still sticking with my Shakeology and T25 meals.

I really can't believe how great I am feeling with the Shakeology! And here I was going to cancel it after a month! Nope. Not now.

OK all... I am out of here. The kids are getting restless and it is time to go back outside with them. I am basking in the sun and they can play. Lol.

Toodles all. Have a great Monday!

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