Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cardio Rocker!

This is me this morning. After I did my T25 Core Cardio and a 3 mile run. Not looking my best but what the heck do you expect?!?

I ROCKED my run! 3 miles in 29:29. Splits were 9:59, 9:42, 9:39. Each mile I got better AND I had a fairly hilly course.

I was very excited to see my splits especially because when I started out my run I felt so SLOW.

And I burned 725 calories in the process.

My mother in law had to work today so she wants to do T25 this afternoon so today will be a double hit for me.

I will need the extra calories burned. Today is her birthday and we are going out to dinner to Bahama Breeze. While there are plenty of healthy options, I know I will probably get the seafood chowder and lobster quesadillas. I am OK with that. It is a splurge.

And with probably having burned 1000 calories by then, I can handle it.

Yesterday we had 4 to Zumba class. I was late getting there because both Aaron and my in laws got stuck in traffic. Luckily Maggie was there to start class while I was on my way in.

So yesterday morning I burned 488 calories and then that evening I burned another 551 calories in class. 1039 calories for the day. Not shabby!

I didn't get the supplements in the mail yesterday so they should be here today. I will start them tomorrow. I can't wait to see the results.

I finally feel like I have a good schedule and am 100% back on track with my workouts. I feel like I am leaning up and then will feel confident on moving to major muscle building after I am totally done with T25 (Alpha, Beta and Gamma).

Things are good. Both personally and professionally. I am still in the beginning stages with my Beach body coaching, but I can see sticking with this because I have gotten such wonderful comments from people about how I inspire them. Very humbling but I now know I am where I need to be! It is a great feeling!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!

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