Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 8 of 30 DS

Ugh. Big sigh.

So....yesterday plans got changed a bit from what I planned on.

As you know I did my 30 DS yesterday. And that is as far as I got with exercise for the day.

I got to my aunts shortly after 1 because I-94 was down to one lane which backed up traffic.

We went thru her existing house and then went over and looked at their new house discussing furniture placement and colors.

By the time we were done there it was after 5.

Then we went back to their current house and looked at the colors we selected with their furniture.

So I didnt end up leaving their house til about 6. And I still had to stop and pick up a blow up pool from Aarons grandmas house because we needed to get water in it to start warming up for the party today.

By the time I left Aarons grandmas, it was after 7. Ugh. Running behind. (It takes about 20 min to get from his grandmas to our area).

So I texted Aaron. Should I come home or go grocery shopping?

His reply? Go grocery shopping.

So I literally ran thru the grocery store. And I was out of there by 8:15. Pretty good I thought.

Then I texted Aaron. I will put the groceries away if he blows up the pool with the compressor.

His reply? Busy

I text: Busy with what?

Then my phone rings. And it sounds like all hell is breaking loose at the house.

Yup. Aaron kept the kids up past bedtime and now he was feeling the repercussions.

Bedtime for them is 7pm. It is now after 8pm and the kids are overtired.

Xavier was doing great. Landry on the other hand was screaming bloody murder which was still going on when I got home.

Aaron started putting groceries away and I was left to deal with the screamer.

Finally I got him all calmed down and into bed.

We still had to tackle the big fricken pool.
 Each piece had to be blown up seperately. The bottom pool part which had two layers to do, the slide, the orange basketball part, the basketball hoop and the basketball backboard. Plus the rings and the basketball.

Oh my! We have a little air compressor that you use in your car in your cigarette lighter spot. Aaron started with the slide which I thought was backwards. You should start with the pool so we could start filling it while the other pieces are being blown up but hey what do I know???

The compressor was SO SLOW!

I thought- I could blow these things up faster than the compressor is going. 

So I did the rings and the ball.

Then I did the hoop, backboard and the orange pieces.

Aaron finally abandoned the slide with the compressor and started on the pool with the compressor.

And I finished filling up the slide manually and was still way ahead of him. He didnt even have one layer on the pool close to filled yet.

So I started filling one layer manually while he was using the air compressor on the other layer.

He stopped me to try to use a bike pump to fill the layer that I was doing, but it wasnt working. The end kept falling out of the spout. Ugh.

So I went back to filling the one layer manually as the air compressor was going on the other layer. 

We must have looked like fools. 

I am sitting spread eagle on the concrete bent over, blowing into this pool.

Aaron is standing bent over holding the air compressor for his layer. LOL

Not a pretty site. I am sure it was looking a bit graphic from a distance. LOL We were pretty close together because the little spouts were right next to each other.

So that was my evening workout. Filling this big fricken pool. 

Aaron and I went into the backyard and started putting water into the pool(s). (We have a small one that we dumped to refill to start warming too).

While we were waiting, Aaron brought out a couple golf clubs and we had a contest to see who could hit their balls into which pool. 

I got two in before Aaron did. And he is a golfer...not me so much.

The cat was hilarious. Every time we hit a ball, he would go after it and hit it thru the grass and pounce on it like it was an animal.

Finally at 9:30 I was able to come in and have dinner. What a long day!

I made up some tuna with onion, carrot strings, and fat free mayo. I put it on pieces of lettuce. I also had Cape Cod natural chips. Yummy! And some veggie chips. And a few glasses of white wine. Did I say it was a long day? LOL.

So I was very happy to see that my weight was 173.5 this morning. The weight gain was probably from wine. No biggie and I wasnt sweating it.

It is 9:22 am and I have already done Day 8 of 30 DS. 

I am enjoying some coffee and my Shakeology before all heck breaks loose and I need to run and get ice, paper towels, a Sunday paper, not to mention clean the house and set up for the party- all before 3pm.

I should be burning some extra calories today! As long as I am good about my eating choices, I should do ok. Tonight I hope to do my zumba cardio party dvd. We will see how it goes. Tonight is night one of having my niece here too. As long as the kids go to bed ok, I should be ok.

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  1. Try to have fun today! (No passing out from blowing out all that air?!?)