Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fat Flush Days 1 and 2

So I started the "Fat Flush" that I mentioned under my tip of the day in my last post on Friday.

A couple things that I wanted to mention if you try it...

1. Pure cranberry juice is hard to find. Make sure you read the labels. I ended up finding an Organic cranberry juice not from concentrate at Meijer. Very pricey at $10 a bottle. This surprised me at how expensive it was. I figured I would just be able to go and pick up a juicy juice type cranberry juice. WRONG! Even though it may say cranberry juice, when you read the label it is mostly apple juice, or pear juice, etc.

2. Pure cranberry juice though it is diluted is pretty bitter. I took my drink with me to zumba and CX Friday night and when I drank it, it actually made me more thirsty. I ended up drinking the whole drink during Zumba and then refilled it with water for CX.

3. Even though it is a pretty strong drink, full of the floatys from the flaxseed, it is still pretty refreshing and a nice change up from just plain ole water. I can easily do it for a week though I will have to go and pick up another container of cranberry juice.

4. Not really seeing the numbers on the scale budge though I havent been eating very "clean" the past couple days. We will see how it goes this week now that I will be back on a normal work out routine.

Today is Day 3. Not really any exercise planned for today except I will be going over to my friends house to help put together some bookcases and a new island cart as she moves back into her house post tornado. At least that will keep me from snacking! LOL. I will be taking my cranberry drink with me to enjoy as I put together the furniture.

Tomorrow Aaron starts his new/old job. LOL. He will be going back to the company he left prior to starting his own business. It is a great move and I am very happy. I love the company he worked for before and am very happy that they wanted him back.

SO that means that Monday is my normal work out.... Hopefully!

Last Monday Landry wouldnt let me leave the play area at the gym so we had to turn around and come home. So we will try again tomorrow for CX.

If that doesnt work, then I will come home and do Zumba and go for a run tomorrow night after dinner.

Tip of the Day:
Runner Magazine has their Half Marathon issue out. It has a lot of great info and training schedules for those of us that are going to be running one this year. I picked mine up at my local grocery store- Busch's.

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