Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July week

What an odd week with the 4th being mid week. Talk about putting a kink into everything!

Monday upon arriving at the gym, my youngest wouldnt let me leave him in the play room which meant coming home and not getting my workout in. I did do my 20 minute zumba and that night ran on the elliptical for 45 minutes.

Tuesday we were supposed to go to the fireworks but had horrible rain on and off. Instead I bought a new grill. We put the kids to bed and Aaron and I were able to watch the fireworks (the highest ones) from our bedroom window. I was going to go to the gym because that is my long night, but we werent sure if we would be able to take the kids and miss rain, so we stayed home.

Wednesday we got up and went to the parade. Really fun but REALLY hot. Got a good sweat just standing there. LOL. That evening we had friends over for dinner and more friends over for wine. Lots of fun. That night we shot off some fireworks and Landry (my 3 yr old) touched a sparkler right after it went out. Burn. Ouch! BUT some ice helped. Nothing major, and no blister. That night we had a really really bad round of severe thunderstorms come thru. I jumped out of bed about 4:30am and ran outside in the lightning and thunder to take down the patio umbrella. It was a really weird storm. Wind was horrible and was about 60mph. I was having flashbacks of the aftermath of the tornado. Rain was coming at the house sideways and pounding against the windows so hard that it sounded like windows were breaking. Then the power went out. So I sat in the kitchen at 4:30, staring out my sliding glass door at our trampoline, willing it NOT to blow into our neighbors new fence behind us. My stomach felt like I was going to be sick. Once the wind died down at about 5:30, I was finally able to go back to bed. Lesson learned that it isnt storms that make me nervous. I can sleep thru thunder and lightning just fine. It is the wind that makes me ill. By that morning, the power was back on.

Thursday I planned on getting into the gym for a 3 mile run, the stepper and RPM. Then that got screwed up when I got news that the gym was out of power. They still hadnt gotten it back on last night. And they still dont have it on this morning. UGH! I was planning on going for a run last night but then we got a call from Aarons mom asking us to come to dinner. So we did. Almost as soon as we got there, the power went out. LOL. We ate in the dark by candlelight and flash light. It was actually kinda fun. We called DTE (the electric company) and found out that power is expected to be on by Sunday. Yes Sunday!! So we got Aarons grandma packed up and his mom packed up and they went to Aarons aunts house for the night. We told them they could come over here, but they wanted to go there.

Friday (today) we arent sure if we are going up north or not. It would be nice to get away but it would also be nice to have a free weekend. If the gym reopens today I would like to get to the gym tonight for a really hard workout. It feels like it has been forever since I have been there on a Friday for Zumba.

This whole week has really thrown me off my game. My scale today says 174.0. Not horrible but hello- I have my dress to fit into the end of the month and now need to lose 10 lbs. My mother in law gave me her Health Magazine and I found something in it that I am going to try to help me flush some of this out. I will give the recipe for my TIP for today.

So my question to you all is this: How are you doing with staying on track this holiday week? Were you able to stay on track on the 4th or did you jump back on the next day?

Tip of the Day: From July/August Health Magazine

This is from Rebecca Romijn who isnt a Health Expert, but thought it would be interesting to try.
Her go-to for losing the last 5-10 lbs:

Drink a Cranberry Fat Flush Daily: "There's a cranberry flaxseed water recipe that I drink. I'll make a liter of it and try to get through that in a day. (I also eat clean. I'm not into the 'not eating' thing.) You have to shake it up every single time to make sure you get some of the flax, and its like drinking a slightly sour water. I drink that for a week and it really helps flush fat."

1 cup of unsweetened cranberry juice+ 2 TBSP of ground flaxseed + water to fill a 1- liter bottle.


  1. It can't hurt, as long as your still eating while doing it. The other fasting diets with that spicy/lemon/maple syrup water is just crazy! I have my niece's wedding on 8/31 and I want to be down to 149 pounds. There, I said it. Now I have to DO it!

    1. Still planning on eating. I have to in order to keep up strength for the gym. No fasting diets for me. Cranberry juice is excellent for flushing stuff out of the system- think UTI's. And I figured it will be a bit refreshing rather than drinking just plain water all the time. And yes. DO-ing it is hard to do!