Monday, July 30, 2012

Recap of weekend and wedding photos

<---- my sister and her new groom.

The reason for my weight gain this weekend. JUST KIDDING! Seriously though I did gain weight but it wasnt there fault. I celebrated too much. The food was excellent and I drank way too much. LOL.

So my weight this morning was 178.5. No surprise but honestly I dont really care. It was a celebration weekend and most of the weight is probably water gain.

Last week I will be honest and let you know I skipped 30 DS that night. After driving back from up north, unpacking, laundry, repacking, nails, speech, etc I was just WAY too exhausted.

I did however do it Friday morning. It was my last day at level 2.

That night we got up to Frankenmuth and checked in. We had rehearsal dinner (though we didnt have anything to rehearse- just drop off decorations) and later that night Joelyn and I went and had this drink we saw on the menu during dinner called a lava lamp. This is my new favorite drink and I MUST try to make it at home. It is Raspberry Stoli, Sierra Mist and floating fruit flavored jello (read jello jigglers). They mix it all up and your stirrer is a glow stick. Awesome and easy to suck down.

Saturday was no exercise because of the wedding- though I have to admit, running up and down the stairs at the brewery was good exercise. We had to set up the ceremony which was on the third floor then set up the reception which was on the first floor. Plus running up and down the stairs, before the ceremony to hide my sister, back down to check on stuff for her, back up again...well you get the picture. My legs were pretty sore.

Sunday the whole family met for lunch at Tonys in Birch Run. If you havent heard of Tonys, they have been featured on Food Network. If you order their egg, meat, hashbrown, toast breakfast (Like I did) you get 3 eggs, thick homemade bread that is lightly toasted, a huge amount of hashbrowns and over a pound of fried bacon (trust can pick a different meat but you WANT the bacon!) plus their homemade strawberry jam. Oh so yummy! And I had plenty of bacon for leftovers.

Another favorite at Tonys is the BLT, their steak sandwich, and their banana split. The banana splits use a gallon of ice cream- not kidding.

Here are some pictures I found online of their different food. I forgot to take pictures myself. LOL

 A typical egg, meat, hashbrown, toast breakfast. This shows regular toast- not their normal thick cut italian

BLT- Look how thick the bread is!

Banana split. Frightening isnt it??

And you wonder why I gained weight? LOL

Last night I was way to exhausted to exercise. We even napped on the couch.

This morning I was back at it early though. Today was day 21 of 30 of 30 DS. Woo hoo and holy crap all at once.

Lots of hard cardio in this one. I definitely dont think the strength training is as hard as level two. And this one seems to go much quicker than level 2. Maybe it is because it is new. Cardio was mostly old but this time they have you do jumping jacks with weights, punches with weights, etc. Oh my! Lots of compound movements using the abs. Very interesting and I cant wait to see if there are any results- though the wedding weight gain may hamper any visible results.

I did wear my HRM but I dont think it is very accurate because I had to take some breaks and watch how they were doing the moves before I could do them. SO I will wear it again tomorrow to get a more accurate calorie burn reading.

Tonight is probably gonna be a run or a walk if a neighbor wants to join in. We will see and play it by ear. I am going to clean the house from top to bottom too. It needs it. Might take a couple days to do it right, but it is what I want to do.

So here are some wedding pictures...I dont have too many of just me yet. These were ones my uncle took.

 I had switched into sandals at this point but it is a good picture of me and my dress.
 Xavier dancing to Thriller

If I get any great ones of my sister and I, I will be sure to pass them along. Good news is, that I dont have to worry about wearing this dress again until November so I have plenty of time to make it fit better. LOL. It was still a bit snug. Kept me from eating too much though!!!

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  1. I have a problem with sweets so that banana split would be hard to resist for me. I'm ok with bacon and BLTs but that looks amazing. I'm sure my brother would be salivating all over that.

    Congratulations to your sister and new BIL! I have three weddings to attend in the fall and I want to make sure I look good in every single one of them even though I'm not the bride LOL

    1. Who doesnt want to look good? LOL. The one in November I am not in but I want to wear this dress again and I want to rock it again!

      I have a bad problem with bacon. I am sure between the sodium from it and the alcohol that is were all the weight gain came from. LOL. Back on track today though. Have to make sure you take time to live!!

      I am sure you will look great at your weddings this fall!

  2. You look beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Everyone looks lovely in these photos, but you look amazing! The dress is so pretty and girly! :)