Monday, July 23, 2012

Days 14, 15 and 16 of 30 DS and Color Run photos!!

Had a most excellent weekend. I am VERY proud of myself with the fact that I have yet to miss a day of my 30 DS challenge. Even completed day 16 already this morning!


My weight is back up to 175.0. Part of that I think is muscle gain...
Part is water retention due to Aunt Flow coming for a visit. Go figure the week of the wedding. BUT my dress still fits fine so I am not fretting it MUCH.

So today in preparation for the wedding THIS WEEKEND, I am starting a 3 day diet that is from a diet that is used in the military. We will see if it works. It is an experiment and because I wont be getting much working out done this week but Shred, it will be good.

So day 1 menu:

Breakfast: 1/2 grapefruit, 2 tbsp peanut butter (I used natural almond butter), 1 slice toast, coffee

Lunch: 1/2 cp tuna (I am not putting anything with it like mayo), 1 slice toast, coffee

Dinner: 2 slices meat (any kind), 1 cp green beans, 1/2 small banana, a small apple and 1 cp vanilla ice cream (oh yummy!)

Tonight I will be going for a power walk with K. After yesterday (see below) she wants me to help keep her motivated. Hopefully it doesnt rain!!

Ok so back to the Color Run.

If this comes to your town or a town near you DO IT! And dont plan on running. Plan on walking it. Trust me! This is something you will want to SAVOR!

My friend K came with me at the last minute after I promised her I would walk it with her. She initially wanted to do it but when she went to sign up, it was sold out. I had been hearing rumors on the Color Run Facebook page about late registration so when I picked up my packet I asked. The answer was yes. She could register late! SCORE! She is a very talented photographer and is the person who took most of the photos you will be seeing. She was going to come to just take pictures but decided that I couldnt have all the fun. LOL. SO glad she changed her mind!! This is something to definitely do with at least one other person!

The first one at the top of this post is a self portrait I took at 5:30 am waiting for K to get here. I usually dont like how my photos turn out but I like this one a lot.

We got there early so we could get her registered. It was perfect timing. We got a great parking spot, didnt have to pay for it either (lol) and was able to almost immediately get her registered without much of a line. So get there early!!

We found out later that just because the packets say a color, it doesnt mean that is the color in it. Many people who had "yellow" packets actually had green or purple dye in them. Kinda cool! Mine however actually had yellow. These were saved until after the race when the festival was going on for the grand finale.

Lots of crazy dressed up people were there. It was SO much fun!

I couldnt keep the grin from off of my face!

LOVE this picture! Just look at my calves! LOL. I guess the running is starting to pay off!

This is one of my favorite pictures she took. I got a lot of compliments on my running tutu I made.

Me waiting in line for the potty. K thought this was hilarious. She loved how I was standing. LOL

The starting line was all the way up by those little flags you can see in the distance. And K and I were by far towards the front of the pack. The line went down at least a mile behind us!

Some more characters waiting in line to start. They have underwear on their heads. LOL

K and I waiting to start. The picture is hazy because I took it thru a plastic baggie

Getting close to starting. We were the next wave

I caught K unaware and I love this pic of her!

Need I say more? Ready to start!

First color coming up. Can you see the yellow haze in the sky? Again- the picture was taken thru a baggie to prevent the dust from killing my phone. A great tip!

After the first color, this is about all I had on me. I learned to wait for the people with the squirt bottles and to ask for more color. LOL

This is what the ground looked like as we were running thru the spray zone.

Second color was ORANGE!

Third and favorite was BLUE! 

I got sprayed good!

Check out the BLUE volunteer! This is what they all looked like in whatever color zone they worked. Orange looked like oompa loompas

Fourth color was Salmon pink

People literally rolled on the ground to get more color on them

 K got sprayed pretty good with the Salmon pink. She wanted a LOT!

Crossing the finish line. It was over way too soon!

Pink arm

K and I color coated!

Grand Finale! Every 10-15 minutes there would be another color explosion where everyone got to throw up the dye from their packets

Spotted hair. Wish it would have stayed this way. Except for the wedding. LOL. My scalp is still pink!

Tip(s) of the Day for those who want to run a Color Run:

1. If The Color Run isnt coming to your town, you can add your towns name to their website as a suggestion. Check it out The Color Run Locations  Scroll all the way down where it says..."Dont see your city? Vote for new locations"

2. If The Color Run isnt coming to your town, check out a run called Color Me Rad. They are coming to Detroit in May and I plan on "running" that one with K too!

3. If you have a white sports bra, dont plan on the dye washing out of it. LOL

4. Wear old running shoes

5. They say to spray your shirt with white vinegar and iron it before washing to set the dye, but it didnt work very well. I still have a bit of dye on mine but not much

6. Some people wear handkerchiefs over their mouths. I didnt really see the necessity in it.  Just another way for them to try to sell swag.

7. Bring lots of towels to cover your carseats with so the dye doesnt rub off on it. Better yet- bring a change of clothes and a lot of plastic bags to put your dye covered clothes in.

8. The colors will go thru your clothes! See the pictures below:

9. This is IMPORTANT!!! When you go to take a shower, take your clothes off in the tub or shower before turning the water on. This allows any loose dye to go into the tub or shower and not onto your floor

10. The blue and pink are REALLY hard to get off. I used two different scrubs and shampoo before I was finally able to get MOST of it off.


  1. I wanted to do NYC but both days sold out! Looks like you had a great time! Too bad the dye didn't set like you wanted it to.

    1. If you want to do it, join their FB page. I bet if you got there when packet pickup opened (ours did at 6:30) you could register the day of even though it is sold out. Ours was sold out too. They directed us to the gift booth and that is where she paid for her bib. If a friend is doing it, ask them to ask about same day registration when they pick up their packet.

  2. Wow! That looks so, so fun! You look really amazing in these photos, really fit and healthy! Hope you enjoy the wedding. x

    1. Thanks so much! Working really hard. Just want the body to start responding to how I want to look! LOL. That loose skin needs to tighten! LOL

  3. Love the photos! Totally wan to walk the one here in Atlanta. I'll have to find a cheap or free walker for the baby girl. I'm sure she will love it!

    1. You should really do it. See if you can find a cheap one at a garage sale or Craigs list.

  4. oh my gosh you really amaze me! I LOVE THE COVERAGE OF THE COLOR RUN! I felt like i was right there with you seeing everything. LOVE THE TUTU!

    The tips will definitely come in handy with anyone who participates. Now I need to find out when this is in Tampa and try to get some girlfriends involved. SUPER FUN. I think this looks more fun than a mud run LOL

    Ps. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award on my newest entry. Don't worry if you don't want to post about it or add it. Just want to let you know I enjoy reading your blog!

    1. Thanks so much! I saw that you nominated me. It is very much appreciated!!

    2. OMG! I totally want to do this! Especially since you said I could walk it! Sadly... running is never going to be in my future... :(