Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 12 of 30 Day Shred

Yesterday was a fun day.

My friend P came over with her kids. She was really thoughtful and brought pizza for lunch. She knew I wouldnt be able to go out while Norah was here and Norah napped during lunch, so she brought it to us! Thanks again!

The kids got to play for a bit before my kids naps and her kids karate class.

I maintained my willpower and had no pizza except a bit of crust Landry had left over. I was proud of myself and had my normal lunch while the kids napped.

My sister got to our house a little after 6 to get Norah. I had cooked up a frozen pizza (pizza again- yes I know but it was the easiest thing to quickly eat and go without much mess and the kids were begging for more pizza), popcorn chicken and waffle fries. I had the leftover chicken wing, the rest of the potato salad (about a 1/4 cup), and about 1/4 cp of my made up tuna on lettuce for wraps. I did have a couple small bites of pizza that I had cut up for Norah and a couple fries and a few popcorn chicken.

After they were off, I went out and watered the plants. The heat that we have been having is literally killing my new plants.

Then I helped Aaron get the boys ready for bed and while he was reading them their bedtime story, I was off for the last Wed night Civic Band concert in the park.

It was a lot of fun. I was the only one from our "group" that made it out, but my friend K plays clarinet in it and I wanted to make sure I was there to cheer her on. I had also brought one of my kids opaque cups with a lid with some red wine and ice in it for a nice relaxing drink while I enjoyed the music.

Afterwards, I walked up and said a quick "hi" and was off. I know how it can be with band people (lol) least for us in high school we were the clique and we used to hang out after concerts and shows. So I didnt want to bug her while she hung with friends after their last concert.

On the way home, I decided to swing by Plum Market to see if they had any Dandelion Root Tea. While I was there, K called me to see if I wanted to meet at Aubreys for a drink. Well duh! A really nice surprise! I love hanging with her!

So I texted Aaron to let him know where I was going.

K invited our friend M to meet us too. M is very witty and has a great sense of humor. I met him after the tornado hit. A good friend. He is very active in the community and runs the Farmers Market and teaches the youth group at my church. He even had my kids calling him Dr. when we saw him at a Tornado Fun Day at Peace Lutheran church. I love that about him. He commands respect but throws a lot of puns in during conversation. I respect him a lot.

I digress...I have to say I am VERY proud of myself. K mentioned getting the feta bread (yum yum) but I said that I wanted to save those calories until Friday when I have gotten in a good workout before.

Instead I ordered hummus which came with fresh veggies and pitas.

Delicious! And healthy!

Then I came home and went to bed. No 20 minute zumba for me last night.

But today the scale was still at 171.5.

I did try on my dress this morning too. I am able to pull down (lol this sounds bad) some of the loose skin that pops up around the top of the dress so it doesnt pop out anymore. The dress is still tight in the midsection but not so much that it is uncomfortable. I want it a bit tight because I dont want the dress sliding down because it is strapless. Also I danced around in it a bit to make sure I would still be able to have a good time. And I also tried sitting in it in front of the mirror to make sure my dress didnt bunch from being tight in the waist. All good! So any weight I loose in these next 9 days is totally bonus.

I also went and completed day 12 of 30 DS this morning. Oh my- I am beginning to hate that woman named Jillian! Plank Jacks are just EVIL!!! At one point she mentions this workout as pushing the body to do what you want it to do. It is Mind over Matter. That fact is VERY true! Level 2 is really no joke and I am VERY scared to see Level 3!! I did remember to wear my HRM this morning. For a 20 minute workout, I burned 260 calories! Holy shamolie!! 60+ more calories than level 1!! Scares me to see how many calories we will burn in level 3!

Tonight I am dropping Aaron and the boys off at his grandmas house for dinner while I go to the gym. I plan on going for an interval run tonight, some leg work, ab work and then RPM! Oh how I missed RPM this week. It is such an excellent workout!

While I am at the gym I also need to get some protein powder. I think I am going to try the peanut butter flavor. I will let you know how that is tomorrow.

And just as a word of week is going to be a bit insane for me because it is the week of the wedding. I will probably be around til Wed, then you probably wont hear from me until after the wedding. I will try to post lots of pictures. And definitely one of me in my dress!

Ok...I mentioned earlier that I bought Dandelion Root Tea and you are probably wondering (or not) what the heck for??

Well I saw this on Pinterest and you know I am a sucker for trying new things.

Tip of the Day: 
From Jillian Michaels "Losing 5 lbs of bloat (in a healthy way)"

Has anyone done this before? I still have cranberry juice left over from the other anti bloat method that I tried. And really I didnt lose anything on it though cranberry juice is excellent for ya if it doesnt have all the sugar added.

I figured I dont have anything to lose except the bloat! And it is a great way to make sure I stay hydrated by drinking 60 oz of this a day!


  1. Great job with all you workouts and being mindful about food intake. Good luck with all the things you have on your plate! I LOVE weddings (attending them at least ;)

    1. Thanks so much! It is good to be busy but back to normal in our house. Summer is always SO crazy!

  2. Never tried it (the anti-bloat drink). Let us know if it works :)

    1. I sure will. I usually post the successes and flops on here. LOL

  3. I heard green tea is good for bloat and belly fat. I've never tried any of it, though.

    1. Gonna make up a batch tonight for tomorrow. We will see how this tastes. Kind of skeptical about the taste of Dandelion Root. LOL