Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 13 of 30 DS

Wow! I cant believe I am almost halfway done with Shred! More on this in a bit...

Anyways let me back up to yesterday.

Last night I went to the gym for the first time ALL week! It felt AWESOME!

I bought some new protein powder. Peanut Butter Cookie.  It is by Protizyme. Low fat, low carbs, low cal and HIGH protein (24 g per serving).

My friend and I are splitting it so I brought it home and divided it up. The scoop for it is HUGE! Though really when I thought about it, I was using two scoops of Shakeology vs one scoop of this. I was smart and kept my old scoop from Shakeology and compared by filling the scoop of this powder. Two scoops of Shakeology almost fill one scoop. So not that far off. So when I make my smoothies, I will be using two scoops from the Shakeology scoop. I will give the other scoop to my friend.

I digress...So after I got my powder and put it in the car, I started on the treadmill doing intervals. My low setting was set on 4.0, my high on 6.0. And I have to say that I can run 6.0 with ease now. I dont know if it is from me doing intervals, or if it is from the high cardio from Jillian, but I can even lip sync my songs while running at 6.0. That made me feel great! I did do one stint at 7.0 though not for very long.

I did 4.5 miles in just over 45 minutes including a cool down. Not bad!

Then I went and lifted weights for my legs and abs. I also tried doing assisted pull ups for the first time. Boy am I weak! I had to put the assist at 100 lbs. LOL. Well bit by bit I will work on it now that I know what I have to do with the machine.

After that was RPM. Here is my review on the new music...I love the first song. The interval track is awesome with lots of stand up, sit down and plowing thru resistance. The mountain track is usually my favorite BUT I just dont dig this music. Luckily Eric will be mixing it up soon. Thats what I like about the class is that it keeps the body guessing.

Get this...

So for all that working out, I burned 1432 calories at the gym.
That coupled with 30 DS at 260

I burned 1692 calories yesterday! Holy heck!

The scale came back at me today with 170.5. Lost one pound. Cool with that!

This morning I did day 13 of 30 DS.

Here is a tip for level 2.

If you wear glasses, dont wear them during shred.

I normally put in my contacts but I didnt this time. My glasses kept flopping off when we were doing the different plank exercises. A real pain.

Then sweat kept dripping onto them.

By the end of the 20 minutes my glasses were fogged up anyways. LOL.

Today my back is sore, my arms are sore and my shoulders are sore. So I know that this workout really is well...working!

I am going to have to decide if I want to take Day 15 pictures or not. What do you think???

Then I came back upstairs and made a smoothie with my new protein powder. I used water, ice cubes, the two scoops using the Shakeology scoop and one frozen banana. Oh yummy!!! SOOO good!

I am going to have to see if I can find more recipes using the peanut butter powder.

I surprised the kids and took them to our local movie theater to see the Lorax this morning. We met our friend P their with her two kids. The theater has dollar movies during the summer for the kids. So nice! I got them each a snack pack which is way cheaper than buying a big pop and popcorn and having them share. They each got a small pop, popcorn (no butter) and a pack of gummies. Plus I packed snacks in my purse. Pop tarts, pringles single serving chips, gummies, etc. I had forgotten that Xavier has trouble swallowing the little kernals from the popcorn so I was glad I had other things for them. They both did really really well. They didnt have to use the bathroom or anything. Xavier really didnt eat much popcorn but he had some chips and his gummies and a pop tart. Landry ate most of his popcorn, his gummies, a poptart and a couple chips. I admit...I had some of Xaviers popcorn. At least I had the forethought not to have butter put on it. LOL. I didnt eat it all though. And even if I did, it was less than what you get in a small popcorn.

Tonight is the gym.


And I will probably run again beforehand and get in another 5k. That will be my last run before the race on Sunday.

What race am I doing??


Oh yeah baby! I am doing the color run. I am SOOOOO excited about it! I am going to take pictures with my phone and post them on Monday. So watch for it!

Then after zumba tonight I am meeting friends in the park for music and then we will head over to Aubreys for dinner. It is becoming a regular hang out for us. LOL.

That is the news for now. Have a great Friday everyone!!

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  1. Wow. You exercise in one day what I probably do in 3 or 4!!! Good for you and I'm glad the shred routine is working.

    Sorry for signing as anonymous I have to figure out how to post from my phone and create an account somewhere.

    1. Thanks! We will see how well it is working when I post pictures. I cant wait!!

  2. I don't think you should take 15 day pictures. If you can't tell a difference I don't want you to get discouraged. You should take measurements if you haven't already, though.

    I missed out on the NYC Color Run, and they were doing both Saturday and Sunday, 8/25 & 8/26! I AM really excited to be doing the Dash to The Finish Line 5k with Jen from our Ragnar team. You run through the streets of Manhattan, and since it's the day before the NYC Marathon, you cross the marathon finish line! It'll give me a good taste of what it will feel like when I finally get to do the real thing!

    Have fun!!!

    1. Crossing the NYC Marathon finish line would be awesome! Doing a Ragnar is amazing in itself and scares the bejezus out of me!

      I know I shouldnt take 15 day pictures but I really want to...LOL. Might take some and see if I can see a difference or not. Then decide to post. LOL.