Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 10 of 30 DS and a blog refresh

Less words..more action. This is what I needed to see today.

Yesterday was a pretty good day.


I didnt get in my cardio zumba again.


I was SO exhausted last night that I just couldnt do it. I had good intentions...I really did. But it just didnt get done. But I did get the day 9 of Shred done so at least that is something.

And the scale stayed at 173.0.

No loss, no gain, but I am happy.

I am still exhausted. My niece was up at 3am, got her back to sleep. Xavier was up at 6 and then Norah woke up right after I got Xavier back to sleep. Ugh. I know it is because she is in our room sleeping so our movement wakes her. Nothing I can do about it though. We dont have a 4th bedroom.

So I got the kids up at 6:30 and got them some food.

Went downstairs and just completed Day 10 of 30 Day Shred. Today was my last day on Level 1. Looking forward to a new challenge tomorrow.

I am still going to say that I am going to do Zumba Cardio tonight. If I cant find the strength to do the whole hour long cardio, I can at least make myself do my 20 min zumba express.

Nose to the grindstone...

So for some fun news, my MIL is going to look at a house in Dexter tonight. Not sure if she is looking for her, or for a fun flipping project. Either way it would be nice to have her close.

Afterwards she wants to go to Aubreys for dinner. Remember my feta bread cravings from the other day?

Problem is, there are actually some logistical problems.

1. We have three kids. Cant get 3 carseats into any of our cars. My MIL says to take multiple trips. LOL Silly.

2. We could walk, but we are under an extreme heat warning today. In fact, I want to get the kids outside and into the pool for a bit today but we will have to do it before lunch when it gets too hot.

3. By the time my MIL gets out of work, and all of us go look at the house, it will probably be close to 7pm when we get to Aubreys. Norah goes to bed about 7:30. I really dont want her to breakdown in the restaurant.

4. Selfishly- I am looking at Friday and I know I will be going to Aubreys. It is a weekly thing when we go to the concert. I really dont want to eat all those calories two days this week. At least on Fridays, I have a big extreme workout before I pig out on calories. Today, not so much.

SOOOOOO.... mainly for the logistics, we really want to have everyone here for dinner. I have already taken out a whole cut up chicken to thaw that we can throw onto the grill. We still have potato salad and cole slaw left over from the party as well as fresh veggies that we can have. Heck we even have cake and ice cream left.

I am sure my MIL wants to go out:

1. because it is easier and we wouldnt have to clean up

2. because it is Xaviers 5th birthday today!!

I feel bad. Really we could if we had a larger vehicle. It just seems really silly to take two cars. What do you guys think??

Ok. As you may have noticed, I have refreshed my blog. I have changed my description, changed the background, edited my story, changed some colors. When I started the blog, it was all about avoiding plastic surgery.

After the tornado, my views have changed a bit. Before, I wanted to look like those Victoria Secret models.

Now, I just want to be there for my family and be healthy. Do I want to avoid surgery? Yes. If I cant, would I still be open to having it? I dont know anymore. Do I still want to look like a VS model? Not really, but I want to be really fit like Jillian Michaels.

I just want to get to the point where I am accepting of my body- flabby or not. That is what I want. It is something that I struggle with every day. Looking into the mirror and saying- "Dang, you look good". I dont see that. I see all the imperfections. The saggy legs, the loose tummy skin, the rolls thru my clothes. It is really a body image issue.

But I am taking it a day at a time.

Baby steps.

Tip of the Day:


  1. I watched another episode of "Extreme Makeover- Weight Loss Edition" last night and Ashlet went from 323 pounds to 167 (I think). She had so much belly skin. When she bent over to do a modified push-up she showed just how much skin sagged. I know exactly what she means in that position. I don't know it I'll ever get surgery, but I'd appreciate those folds gone, too!

    Happy birthday to Xavier!

    1. Thanks so much! I hate when I do push ups too. My belly just hangs. Ugh. Too bad there isnt a magic pill huh? LOL. Thanks for the birthday wishes for my son!