Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Ok so I am including a tip I found yesterday up here because it just wouldnt be relevant tomorrow.

This shows the GMO that is found in our different candy. GMO (if you cant read it) stands for Genetically Modified Organisms or all the different things that have been chemically altered whether it be sugars or soy or starch. And I am guilty because I am handing out just about every single type of this candy. LOL. I dont see anything wrong with a little candy. I give my kids one or two pieces a day after Halloween and Easter times. It is when you go overboard that it just gets out of control and not good.

Anyways back to the task at hand. Yesterday was a good day. For breakfast I had a banana strawberry spinach smoothie. Lunch was veggies and cheese and crackers. Dinner was 2 small bbq ribs, and a HUGE salad with some fresh mozzarella. Delicious. I also had a snack after lunch with some frosted mini wheats, some pretzel rods, a few semi sweet chocolate chips and some pumpkin seeds.

After we got the kids to bed, I went and did zumba. I went thru my ZIN 33 like I usually do then flipped it over for a refresher on some of the moves we learned at training. Then I put in a different dvd that had some routines to the songs. I really didnt like that one much. Some of the songs were "live" and so they didnt continue the moves. It got confusing. Then I switched it back over to the wii zumba. Let me say this. I dont like this game. Not because it isnt fun, but because it just doesnt get my heart rate up. I had a hard time keeping it in the 120's. Usually at a normal zumba class, my heart rate is up in the high 150's, 160's at the top of my range. So I dont know that I will be doing the wii zumba again unless it is just for fun. Not really finding any routines I like for a class on there anyways.

But I got 2 hours in (just over) and burned 1036 calories. Nice.

This morning I was back down to 175.5. So I lost 1.5 lbs yesterday. Like I said, I had a lot of alcohol over the weekend. LOL.

Today the plan is to go downtown trick or treating if it stops raining. Then K and I are going to go have lunch at Dexter pub while we are downtown. My plan is to have a salad. Then Landry and I will head to Xaviers school just before 2 for Xaviers Halloween parade. After that, it is home to do some story time, then a quick dinner and off to trick or treat. Once we get home from trick or treating, we will get the kids to bed for the night and MY plan is to get in at least an hour of zumba. Tonight I plan to do my infomercial dvds to learn more of those routines. At least with those, my heart rate goes up. :)

Also next week after pay day, I think I am going to order some more Healthe Trim. I just feel like since the tornado, my body is stuck in this rut. I go up, I go down quite significantly in a matter of days. I think this will help me out. I will have to cut out my coffee, but that is my only vice that I wont be able to have (well that and alcohol but I can drink red wine with it). I really dont eat or drink artificial sweeteners because I try to eat pretty clean. So stay tuned. I really cant wait to order it again. Hopefully it gives me the boost I need.

That is the news for now folks. Have a Happy Halloween!!!

Tip of the Day:

I made this for breakfast today and HAD to pass on the recipe.

Pumpkin Smoothie-
1/2+ cup pumpkin puree (not pie filling) You should be able to get about 3 smoothies out of one small can of pumpkin. Just put the lid back on and pop it in the fridge til your next smoothie
1/2 frozen banana (I used 3 chunks of banana that I had in my freezer)
a bit of milk (I would have used almond milk if I had some)
honey to taste
vanilla (maybe a tsp)
pumpkin spice (a couple good shakes)

Blend til smoothe. Enjoy!

I drank this pretty quickly for my breakfast. It was delicious. Originally I put in a bit of pure maple syrup and no vanilla and it tasted a bit bland. I found a recipe online that added the honey and vanilla. Once I added that, it was perfection.

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