Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 4 and some interesting findings

So yesterday was going great.

I had my smoothie for breakfast, for lunch I had carrots, celery, a scallion, and some peapods. Then I started to feel a bit sick after a while and decided it was my body saying it needed some protein.

So I cored an apple and put some natural peanut butter in it.

After that I felt much better.

For dinner I sauteed a red pepper, yellow pepper, garlic, onion and some diced tomatoes together with some chili lime rub that I have. I sliced some avocado and pulled out lettuce leafs and ate them like a wrap with the avocado and veggies. Then Aaron came home. And what did he bring home?

You guessed it.

Frickin chili cheese fries.

This was not my doing people. This was all him. After I said it yesterday, HE started craving them. LOL.


We shared. They were HEAVENLY!!

And Xavier even had some.

Ugh. Oh well.

That night for a snack (because I was starving again) I had some dried fruit, some almonds (no salt added) and a few pretzels.

I am trying to stick with a MOSTLY fruit and veggie diet. I really am. I would say 3/4 of the food I did have yesterday was just fruits and veggies. Not horrible for a gal who LOVES meat and carbs.

And the biggest shocker with having the chili cheese fries?

I lost 3 lbs!

3 lbs! 

Can you believe it???

I am down to 177.0 today.

I am totally doing the happy dance over here.

And I texted Aaron telling him those chili cheese fries are magic. He laughed. I was serious. LOL.

I dont think I will be having those everyday. Nope. But it is tempting to recreate my meal EVERY DAY! Could you imagine that? Losing 3 lbs every day? LOL. But alas, I know it wouldnt happen.

So here is to today and seeing what I can accomplish.

Tonight I am hoping to make it to the gym for Body Pump and RPM. We will see if I make it (depending on when Aaron gets home). Plus we will have to see how I am feeling. I might go and do pump and skip RPM. Ugh. Decisions.

I do have to say as a quick side note....this morning I am very tired. I even went to bed early after starting to fall asleep at 9:30. Just exhausted. Not sure if the detox (sort of) is helping me catch up on sleep or if my body is telling me I need to add in different things. So this morning I definitely need coffee.

Stay posted folks. The experiment continues!

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