Friday, October 26, 2012

A quickie!

I have been going, going, going today so I wanted to pop in and give a quick update.

I am down another pound today to 174.0. Woot woot! I did another two hours of zumba last night and burned 1061 calories.

After I dropped Xavier off at school, Landry and I ran to the grocery store to get all of the groceries for the party on Sunday.

Since then I have been boiling eggs and making pudding and jello shots. Yummy!

I just had a salad with some baked chicken breast, a half of pita, some hummus and a cheese stick for lunch. Now it is off to do some zumba for a bit before I leave to get Xavier from school and go to class tonight!

So if I dont check in this weekend, it is because I have a VERY crazy weekend ahead.

Have a  great day and a great weekend!

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