Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ever have a day...Day 11

So have you ever had a day where you wake up in the morning and your body is sore. It feels tighter. Like you have lost weight?

That is how I felt when I got up this morning. My sides were tight. Arms were sore.

Then I stepped onto the scale and it said 175.5.

Now I am not freaking out or anything. I went a bit off my normal yesterday and had some caramel popcorn, some cheese and crackers, some wine and a margarita. I tried to make the margarita a bit skinny by using tequila, lime juice, water and some honey but the honey just went to the bottom and wouldnt dissolve. Next time I know to dissolve it first in some hot water then add it to the mix. Anyways. I was having some fun because my FAVORITE tv show was starting back up last night- American Horror Story!!

I have been waiting for this creepy thriller since last season ended. I just love this series.

I am not normally a "thriller" suspense person. I HATE scary movies unless there is some comedy there (think Scream and Zombieland), but for whatever reason I am drawn to this show.

And just as an FYI...if you like the funny horror movies, one you must see is Dale and Tucker vs Evil. It is a funny take on the evil country bumpkin vs the college kids. Except in this movie, the rolls are reversed. It is currently on Netflix and was a throwaway movie we turned on one night that ended up being high on my must watch again movie list.

Fast forward back to today.

I am still keeping with the mostly fruits and veggies diet.

Tonight I want to work out a bit. I havent really since last week and I need to start doing it again. I keep saying that I am, but by the time night comes, I dont. So, time to get back at it.

Tonight for dinner, I plan on having the rest of the salad that I have. I have just been on this salad kick lately. Now to figure out what I am making for the rest of the family. LOL.

Thats the news for now folks. Have a great day!

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  1. I haven't worked out since FRIDAY!!! I haven't run since last Thursday! This is the longest I've gone without a formal workout since I began my journey over 3 years ago. But, in my defense, I have been on my feet for a solid 6 hours the last 3 days. I FEEL like I've been working out HARD!