Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Major meltdowns

Yesterday was a flat out rough day.

Everything was going great until Aaron called and said that we were going to go to a Coney Island with his mom and grandma for dinner.

Normally it wouldnt matter. It would be a fun time. BUT Landry didnt get a nap yesterday and I knew he was exhausted.

Well on the way to the Coney Island, Landry fell asleep. So when we got there he had to get woken up and he is CRANKY when that happens. And the crying started.

Finally he stopped and I got him to figure out what he wanted for dinner.

Xavier acted like he had pure sugar running in his veins and was up and down under the table, blowing straw wrappers and just not listening.

My mother in law took the kids to the bathroom once because they had to go. Later Landry said he had to go so of course Xavier had to go with them. That was when all hell broke loose. Landry started crying. Wait- crying isnt the word for it. Screaming. Shrieking! So much so, I could hear him all the way across the Coney Island from inside the bathroom. So I got up to see what was going on. And I was PISSED.

Come to find out between screams, Landry was mad that he wasnt the leader and that Xavier went into the bathroom first. Really? Seriously?

And the crying really didnt stop after that. Then Xavier got mad because we mentioned getting dessert but we just needed to leave because Landry was acting up. So no dessert- for anyone. Finally, Landry got calmed down and I took him to the car to see the shirt Aarons mom got him.

Aaron ended up having to carry Xavier out because HE started to pitch a fit because he wanted to say good-bye to his Meme. She had gone to get the car so she could pull up for her mom to get in.

We TOLD Xavier if he would just sit in his seat so we could buckle him up that we would drive over to say goodbye. But he wouldnt listen. He thrashed and fought and screamed. It was majorly embarrassing. Then he worked himself up so much that he puked in the car. Seriously?

This is how the night went. Not kidding.

So sue me and call me a bad mom...but I told him this was his fault. He wouldnt listen so he missed out on saying goodbye. If he would have LISTENED we would have been over there and she could have said goodbye while her mom is getting into the car. And besides, Meme would be coming to our house today.

Then on the way home Xavier got mad again because he didnt get a red sucker. He ended up with a bubble gum one and Landry got the tropical punch. Of course Landry wouldnt trade. So it was a lot of growling and huffing from the backseat. I tried to tell him that we have a ton of those fricken dum dum suckers at the house and that we could probably trade it for a red one.

And the tantrums didnt end there.

Xavier had to strip when he got home in the laundry because he had puke on his clothes.

He wouldnt get pj's on. He wouldnt brush his teeth. He was mad he didnt get a story. He was mad Landry brushed his teeth first. Really? Ugh. It went on...and on...and on.

Finally after a lot of crying and screaming we got both the kids to bed.

I went downstairs and worked on Zumba. K was supposed to come over but her work meeting ran late and she still needed to eat dinner. SO she will be coming over today about 11 to get a crash course.

I ended up doing zumba for just under 2 hours and burned 1079 calories.

Now I have to admit I did ok at dinner. I had water. I ordered a greek salad with feta and dressing on the side. BUT I ate both pieces of Landry's toast he didnt want AND I had the pita that came with my salad. LOL. That was before the drama.

After I worked out I went upstairs and took a shower. Thursday night is the night a lot of our shows are on. Sons of Anarchy and Ink Master just to name a couple.

Then I was just so stressed out from earlier that I started snacking. I had clean potato chips and pretzels and some semi sweet chocolate chips. I also made a drink with lime vodka and sierra mist. Its a wonder I didnt start drinking earlier. LOL

Then last night Xavier was up in the middle of the night. He wanted anything and everything. A drink. His night light on. His dinosaur. Then at 4am Landry was up screaming for Meme. He wanted to see her NOW. I said she wasnt here and that she was sleeping. He didnt like that. He wanted to get up. He didnt want his pj's on. He tried to charge the door- multiple times. Oye ve! Seriously? It took over 30 min to calm him back down. We told him he didnt need to go  back to sleep but mom and dad wanted to and that he had to stay in his room til we came and got him. And that little bugger didnt go back to sleep either.

Can you see my eye twitching today? I am seriously beginning to wonder if the Coney Island put crack in their chocolate milk.

I really need a coffee drip right into my veins today because I am seriously dragging ass.  I am SURE Aaron is too.

With all that, you can imagine how happy I was to see the scale remain status quo at 176.5.

Today as I mentioned K is coming over at 11 to do about 20-30 min of zumba with me. Then Aarons mom is coming over this afternoon for dinner. I will be making chicken breast stuffed with mozz and wrapped with bacon. I will be having a large salad and chopping up some of the chicken breast to put in it to remain mostly veggie.

Then my friend Maggie is coming over about 6:45 to work on Zumba stuff. When you look at the training video all at once it gets a bit overwhelming. So I think it is best if we focus on one song at a time. With the songs I have, I know the routines for 3. I "mostly" know the routines for another 8 which gives me 54 minutes of songs without warm ups and cool down. Plus I still need to get the songs from my instructor of other songs I know. So I am doing pretty good.

My plan is to try to work on routines for a couple hours each night. Whew. I am still sore from training on Saturday! LOL.

That is the news for now. Sorry for the long drama post but I had to get it off my chest. LOL. Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Holy crapola! 1. Love SOA and Inkmasters. 2. Why don't people trust that Moms know when and what our kids can handle? 3. Parenting just sucks sometimes. 4. Amazing - that after all that - you did Zumba. Impressive!

  2. The fact that you didn't run screaming from the restaurant is a feat in and of itself!

  3. Well you survived the day and I hope that you will not have one like it again! Glad that you had the strength to work out after that and not just hide in a corner w/the bottle of lime vodka. I'm not a parent, but I know how it is when kids won't stop, but won't listen when you are trying to help them. Ugh.