Thursday, October 25, 2012

A bit better

Yesterday was a bit better of a day.

K came over and we got a bit of Zumba done and I showed her some of the other routines. I burned 474 calories in 43 minutes. 

The morning started off rough with the boys but in the end, I got Landry down for a nap and when I was time to get Xaiver from school, Landry wasnt cranky. Woo hoo!

Aarons mom came over that afternoon and was waiting for us by the time we got back from school.

Then the chaos began. LOL. Aarons mom got the boys a ton of Halloween costumes so the boys had fun the rest of the afternoon with that.

After the boys got down for the night, I was able to go downstairs and do some zumba with Andi. She wanted me to be her teacher. So I did the routines with her that I know. She was having some problems with one of the steps that I just learned so I broke it down for her after the first time going thru it. Then we did it again and she did much better. We worked out for about an hour and I burned another 601 calories.

This morning I weighed 175.0. Down 1.5 lbs. Nice!

Today I am going to work some more on my zumba routines. I want to start learning a new song. My mom is also coming for a little visit today while she is down visiting her aunt. Should be a nice visit.

I am also working on my grocery list for my halloween party this weekend. It is going to be a very busy weekend!!

Friday is Zumba and then our zumba halloween party at Buffalo Wild Wings.
Saturday I am going with K to a shelter so we can hand out food and supplies. Then I will come home and go get pumpkins with the kids and carve those. THEN I need to prep food for the party on Sunday. THEN at midnight, I am going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show. Woo hoo!
Sunday we are having a halloween party with friends in the neighborhood. That should be a lot of fun. Everyone is bringing some food to pass and dressing up. I cant wait.

On the menu for that day are some healthy things and some not so healthy things :)

1. red eye specials- hollowed out roma tomatoes with pesto, and a mozzerella ball with black olives for the pupils.
2. Deviled egges with black olive spiders on top
3. mummy dogs (for the kids)- hot dogs wrapped with crescent rolls
4. fall dip for apples and nilla wafers- cool whip, vanilla pudding and a can of pumpkin
5. fresh veggies and dip (duh)
6. 7 layer spider dip with refried beans, tomatoes, guac, cheese, sour cream YUMMY!
7. sugar cookie fingers (nails are almond slices)
8. witches brew- orange soda, pineapple juice and orange sherbert
9. shrunken head cider- alcoholic
10. witches brooms- pretzel sticks stuck into peanut butter cups

along with the normal soda to drink.

The above is what I am making. It will be fun to see what others bring. Some are saying cake and cake pops. Maybe some caramel apples? Who knows!

What are you doing for Halloween??

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  1. Just the usual- trick-or-treating with family and probably pizza for dinner.