Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lets 10 or 11?

I no longer think of this "fast" in terms of days anymore.

I am doing well with it.

I dont really feel deprived anymore.

I do have "cheat" things here and there but fact remains that 80-90% of my diet is veggies and fruit.

Yesterday was just about a repeat of the day befores menu. A smoothie for breakfast made with some almond milk, carrots, celery, scallions and an apple with peanut butter for lunch, a big salad with avocado, almond slivers, bacon crumbles, scallions and lite blue cheese for dinner. I did have a piece of pizza later that night though. And some wine. And just a few pretzels and dark chocolate chips for a snack. But I think I did great.

And today I woke up to 174.0. Another 1.5 lbs down from yesterday.

Today I am going to keep the same breakfast, lunch, and I am not sure about dinner. K and I want to walk tonight- depending on how she is feeling. She had a dentist appt yesterday because she had a bad cavity below a filling. And while she escaped having a root canal, she has a funny mouth that many times does not get fully numb. Thank goodness gas works for her. But she was in a lot of pain come last night.

Then we chatted while watching the debates. Making fun of them (in a way) but really we were just frustrated. Why wont these guys answers the questions they were asked? Seriously. I am not a political person but even I was getting mad. the politcal thing. This is not the forum for that.

So we made fun of them and let off steam til about 11. Aarons flight was getting in about midnight and I tried really hard to stay up for him to get home. But he didnt get home until 1:30am so it was a fail for me.

This morning because I fell asleep about 12:30-1am, I am dragging bootie.

I am going to need a quick pick me with some coffee and hopefully my smoothie will help today too.

Then I am going to my friend J's house this morning about 10:30 to help her with her newly reclaimed basement (from the kids). She has no idea what to do with it. So Landry and I are going over there to have a look-see. Should be fun.

Thats about it folks. Have a great Wednesday everyone.

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  1. You are doing so well with your eating plan. Very inspirational to me :)

    I like to be informed about politics but I am sick of the negative ads. I'll be happy when the first week of November is done with. "I'm __ and I endorse this message" is bombarding my TV

  2. Great job on your eating plan! I really have to get on the fruit/veggie bandwagon. I seem to only get protein! LOL!

    On the politics, I'm thankful I don't have TV! I see enough online!

  3. Great job! I'm glad your husband got home safe and sound!