Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Post Parties

It has been a crazy weekend. Lots of food- not all good, lots of fun, and friends and drinks.

I admit I didnt weigh myself yesterday. I was scared to. LOL

Yesterday I was mostly back on plan with my food (I did have some wine, jello shots, and some cookies and other left over goodies yesterday) and I did 2 hours of zumba last night.

I mixed it up a bit and did my Zumba Instructor Network dvd which is just about an hour (songs I am learning) then turned on the Zumba Wii and did that for another hour. I have to admit, I have only done the Wii Zumba one other time. I made a new profile on Hard and had no problem passing the level. It is pretty easy and I didnt really break a sweat. I think I will be trading it in over Christmas for the new Zumba Core game coming out. And I have heard that the Kinect is a lot harder for Zumba because it takes into account your exact move and not just how you move the remote. With the Wii I was worried about making the remote move correctly. All in all though I burned 1094 calories in 2:11.

And this morning I weighed in at 177.0. Up 3 lbs but I thought for sure I would be back in the 180's so it was a pleasant surprise for me.

Today I am back at it again. Back with my fruit and veggie fast and Zumba again tonight.

The weather has been crazy here in Dexter and even though we arent getting the rain that Sandy is putting out, we are getting the wind. We have been having gusts here 50+ mph all day yesterday and today. Lots of post tramatic stress coming out in the neighbors. Crashing, debris flying...its crazy.

I was happy because yesterday we got the trampoline down before it got really bad. I know if we hadnt, I wouldnt have been able to sleep last night. Since we put it up, when we get wind, I freak that that trampoline is going to become air born.

To any of my readers on the east coast, please stay safe. Take cover. I can relate just a bit to what you are going thru.

Tip of the Day: Just to give you an idea of what different body fat looks like. I personally like the 30% one and would be very happy with that.

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