Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 3 and finding I am human

Yesterday I did really good- until dinner.

I had a smoothie for breakfast, a ton of carrots, potatoes, and a scallion for lunch.

I had some dried fruit and grapes for a snack.

Then dinner came.

I decided to make healthy chicken tenders for the kids using corn flakes, flax seed, parmesan cheese and egg for them for dinner. They loved them! And because it was my first time making them I had one too. Just a small piece though. Think smaller than a nugget.

I also experimented with an old kid cookbook of mine and made something called Yummers. It is cheese, flour, butter, and supposed to be rice krispies but it said you could use other cereal so I used corn flakes again. I THOUGHT it was going to be like a cheese biscuit type thing but they really didnt turn out right. They fell apart as soon as you put a fork into one. The cheese didnt melt the way it was supposed to either. I used a shredded cheese we had in fridge with a bit of parm. They tasted fine I had one or two too but I ended up tossing them.

I also made ants on a log for the kids (celery, PB and raisins) and small tomatoes hollowed out with cottage cheese and sprinkles on the top. It was truly a kids meal last night.

I make a chicken breast for Aaron that I slit down the middle and put ham and mozzarella cheese in. A take on a cordon blue.

For me, I had celery, an orange, and part of a sweet potato.

The cravings were horrific yesterday. All day I craved chili cheese fries! WTF! Is this meat withdrawals? Crazy!

I didnt give in even though Aaron tried to get me to. LOL. "You sure you dont want me to get you some chili cheese fries? I will split them with you!" But alas, both the Coney Islands by the house were closed by the time I was about to slit my wrists to get some.

I had some grapes last night, the rest of my V8 juice which I added hot sauce and a celery stick to to make a virgin bloody mary.

Then I gave in and had a graham cracker with some almond butter and marshmellow fluff. GAHHH what am I doing? It is like I have lost all willpower! I ended up having two or three of those...

Shockingly- I lost another pound. Down to 180.0.

Hoping today I can stay on track a bit better. We have plenty of left overs for the kids for dinner- so no temptations there.

Tonight if I get a craving, I am going to go downstairs and work out or go on the elliptical or a run (if it isnt raining).

This "fast" is harder than I thought it would be. It is way harder than being vegan. Vegan you can have cheese substitute or beans or peanuts...whatever. At first I thought that this wouldnt be a problem but it seems that my body has a point to prove with these stupid cravings.

On the other hand, I feel great though. Full of energy- to the point I went to bed at about midnight last night and was up at 6:30 this morning. We shall see how I complete the rest of the week. I am thinking about breaking fast Friday night for Aubreys. Special circumstance going out with the gals. I think I am going to have a salad BUT I will allow myself a glass of wine and some feta bread.

I am human...and this is hard. But I will continue on. Every day is a new day and I want to stick to as many fruits and veggies a day as I can manage- with the intention of adding nothing else.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. What if you did your 3 veggie meals and allowed yourself one thing off plan per day? Would that make sticking to the fast easier? I know when I tell myself I can't have something, it's ALL I think about! I still have horrific days, like last week, but they're fewer and farther between because I allowed myself treats this time.

    1. Things are still going ok but I realized I have to include a bit of protein here or there (peanut butter or almonds). Earlier I started to feel really sick and once I had some protein, I felt better. Plus it has helped keep me a bit fuller, longer. So that is the new "modified" plan. LOL