Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yoga and more...

So last night I didnt do any exercise. I did a ton of running around yesterday and I was exhausted last night. I think this school thing is going to take some adjustment on my part too.

Poor Xavier was so exhausted, he was crying at everything. We ended up putting the boys to bed just after 6pm. Not kidding.

And they slept until after 6 this morning. Yup. They were both tired.

I did good with my diet yesterday with the exception of having some of my left over pasta salad which is actually pretty healthy. Whole wheat pasta, fat free mayo, mustard, carrots, celery, hard boiled eggs and just a pinch of sugar. And I had a little dessert which was left over from labor day. Angel food cake, blueberries, strawberries and whip cream.

I ended up losing a half pound. Good!

And my shoulders and arms are sore from P90X yesterday. But the great thing is that my shoulders, even though I worked them out hardcore, are not stiff like they were with the Jillian Michaels dvd.

So today was P90X yoga. I opted to do P90X2 yoga instead of the original because the original is 90 minutes vs 66 minutes. 90 minutes is just WAY too long.

But boy. I forgot how good this dvd is. I am just not a yoga person. But this gave me such a good stretch and a good sore that I was really glad that I didnt skip it. And yes. I thought about skipping it.

Tonight I was planning on going to Body Pump then RPM but Aarons mom called and wants to go to dinner and see Xavier after his first few days of school. I warned her that he will need to go to bed early- like 6pm. So she is coming over about 2:30 so we can go to an early dinner after Xavier gets out of school. Whew. So I might not make Pump in time but I should definitely be able to make it for RPM. I might even be able to get a run and some weights lifted too. What a concept!

ANNNDDDD....I bit the bullet and bought ThermoFit and Greens from The thermofit will give my metabolism a good jump. For whatever reason, my poor body always needs a jolt from time to time. Hopefully this will give me the jump and the energy I need. The greens should help me get all of my veggies needed for the day. They were put in the mail yesterday so I should hopefully have them by Monday. I will review them for you guys. 

Also, tomorrow is Friday!! P90X legs, back and abs, and Zumba class. BUTTTT.....the summer concert series is over which means no Feta Bread. Instead we will be going to K's house and have a bonfire. If it rains, we will play games. Everyone is bringing a dish to pass. I will probably bring wine, molten lava cake for the ladies, and then hummus and veggies for me. This change in my Friday night will hopefully help keep me on track for the weekends.

I am also working on using my talents as a painter to make a new profession for myself. K has asked me to paint something for her in a 36x48 size. I am working on it and will post a picture when it is done. I am trying to commission out my work rather than doing them and posting them somewhere like Etsy. I would rather know that the paintings are sold rather than have the money go out for the canvas and have them sit around. We will see how it goes. I also do murals, glassware, etc. Maybe I should get a booth for an artfair next year. We will see.

That is the news for me today. Have a great Thursday everyone!

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  1. Awww...I remember when school wiped my kids out, especially my daughter. Now she's able to outlast me and stayed up most summer nights until 1am.

    1. Yeah. It is going to be a tough adjustment for a while. Bedtime has been about 6:30 because we just cant deal with the crying and crankiness anymore. LOL. I know it will get better though.