Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Going down! and Fruit Juice

Great day yesterday.

I did my P90X Plyometrics (a big ugh here) and Aaron didnt get home from work until late. They were signing up a new product to rep. All day I had been craving Buffalo Wild Wings (18 traditional mango habenero) and I had planned to get some after the gym. Well I didnt make it there because Aaron wasnt on his way home until 6:30 so I told him it was his job to pick up BW's. LOL

And K didnt want to walk. She wanted to give her legs a rest. So instead of doing my 20 minute zumba which I originally THOUGHT I was going to do, I popped in the 45 minute Cardio party instead. Oh holy heck. Great workout. And I really pushed myself. I am trying to learn these routines so I can teach them myself.

I was completely done with the video and back upstairs before Aaron even got home.

And I didnt eat ALL the wings. I did eat 12 of them. And I had a beer. And a few chips. And a half a Hershey bar. Ugh. Did I mention I was STARVING by the time he got home???


I got up this morning and lost 1.5 lbs!! I am down to 178.5! Helloooo 170's! I guess it shows that you can splurge once in a while if you work out good before hand.

SOOOOO tonight is a no gym night. There just arent any classes that I am interested in taking on Wednesdays- Body Pump (I lifted already today), Body Combat (way high cardio and martial arts), and Yoga (I do tomorrow morning). So I am going to do an at home repeat of last night.

Today's P90X is arms, shoulders and abs which I just completed after dropping Xavier off to school. Feeling great because I had to up some of my bicep exercises to 15lbs! Now it is a quick breakfast then running to the Dr. to get Landry's immunization record for school, then to the grocery store. Then home for Landry's lunch, get him to bed and up to get Xavier from school. Dinner. Xavier to bed, and Landry to school for his open house. WHEW! Then home to do the Cardio Party. Oh yeah baby! I want to lose this weight!So glad that I am out of my funk. I noticed that other fellow bloggers have been feeling in a funk too so it is nice to know I am not alone!

This weekend is the 6th month anniversary of the tornado. No fooling. We as a subdivision are having a party to celebrate. Bring a dish to pass sort of thing down at the Community Park. Hopefully the weather cooperates. I cant believe it has been 6 months already and still so many people arent home or are JUST getting started on reconstruction.

I am going to try to be as on point as I can this weekend with eating. I think I should be ok. I am bringing an apple berry salsa to the party as well as a veggie tortellini salad. Both are low fat. And I know some other people are bringing low fat things too. So if I do Kempo and then Zumba in the evening, hopefully I should be good.

I am going to consider my info below as my Tip of the Day but really I suggest you read the whole article. Really. Really. Interesting! I am only summarizing the article and adding in some of my own personal thoughts.

Onto an interesting article I read yesterday called Fruit Juice: Soda's Evil Twin?

Lots of people have the misconception that if you are drinking fruit juice that it is healthy for you. Because people think this, juice is helping in the rise of obesity and diabetes, etc.

In fact, Half of the U.S. population over the age of 2 now consumes sugary drinks on a daily basis -- and this figure does not even include 100% fruit juices, flavored milk or sweetened teas, all of which are sugary too, which means the figure is actually even higher.

Scary huh?

If a fruit drink is labeled "drink", "beverage" or "cocktail" it is because it doesnt contain 100% juice. In fact, it probably has its first ingredient as high fructose corn syrup or some other type of sugar. These drinks usually only contain about 10% juice! Frightening isnt it???

And even if it IS 100% juice, just one 8oz glass of orange juice (for example)  gives your body 25 grams of fructose which is more than you should have for an ENTIRE DAY!! Oh holy cow right?!? And just think- that is for an ADULT! What about kids??

Fructose (for adults) at 15 grams a day is harmless BUT nearly 1/4 of Americans are consuming 135 grams per day!! That is OVER a QUARTER POUND!!! And we wonder why Americans are getting more obese and diabetes are on the rise???

There are other interesting facts and info in this article like how fructose is the culprit for millions of US children that are struggling from non-alcohol induced liver disease and how fruit juice increases your uric acid levels (like soda does).

Read it. Be informed.

And a final note, they recommend (for adults) not to go over 25 g of fructose a day with a max of 15 grams from fresh fruit not fruit JUICE. And it can be tough to wean off. Apparently fructose has the same addictiveness as cocaine!!

I for one am switching my kids from juice to V8. Gonna read my labels today when I go to the grocery store. I am gonna nip our sugar addiction and processed food addiction in the butt before my kids become obese. I want them healthy and to have healthy habits.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!


  1. The statistics are very scary indeed! I'd say most of America is addicted to sugar. And why's fast, easy & cheap energy. Too Sad.

    1. Very sad! Veggies and vitamins (and coffee lol) can give you the same energy! And why is it that the healthy foods are the most expensive? They are the least processed therefore should be the cheapest...dont you think?