Sunday, September 16, 2012

Saturday Success

Yesterday as you know we had our community picnic.

We didnt have the showing that we thought that we were going to, but that didnt much matter.

What mattered was connecting with our neighbors and having some fun.

The kids had a blast even though they had colds. 3 hours in the sun and they couldnt get enough of the park.

The boys really didnt eat. Xavier who used to be my good eater doesnt eat much anymore. I am not really worried. He isnt going to waste away but the boy who was dying for the pizza that someone brought hardly touched it when he got the chance. Weird. I think it is because of his cold.

I had more food than what I thought I was going to. So much looked good. I was VERY proud of myself though for staying away from all the desserts. This is what I had-

Cheese tortillini salad (which I made and was low fat- had two helpings of it), fruit salsa (which I made and was low fat), vegan broccoli salad with peas (it was awesome and I had seconds), one piece of a greasy fried chicken wing, a very small spoonful of Stouffers Mac N Cheese, veggies and hummus and a few pita chips, a half piece of spinach pie, and I had most of Landry's piece of pizza that he didnt eat. I DIDNT eat baked beans, boneless wings, fully loaded pizza, cupcakes, peanut butter cookies and some other yummies that I didnt pay much attention to forgo the temptation.

That afternoon, my neighbor S had the boys over to play with her son R. Xavier and R are the same age. I ended up going over to chat with S while Aaron stayed home and slept on the couch. He was wiped from pushing Landry on the swing for 45 minutes. LOL.

Then Penni's husband came over with their two kids and the kids jumped on the trampoline and played for a while. We adults broke out the mini Obereon keg. I only had a small glass of beer and I had a couple of the left over graham crackers that I had broken up to eat with the fruit salsa at the party.

Once the boys went to bed about 7:30, I went to the basement and did Kenpo (not Kempo as I keep writing it). The wheezing in my chest was bugging me so I took it a bit easier than I normally would do.

Once done, I came up and made my protein shake and I had the other half of my left over chicken sandwich from Aubreys on Friday. One thing that I really tried to do with my sandwich was chew, chew, chew. I mean really chew it until it is mush in my mouth and then swallow it. It is something that I am going to try to be conscious of and do more often. It helps the body break it down easier because it is already liquid and also helps you be more conscious if you are full or not because you eat so slowly.

I ended up going upstairs and taking a bath after that. Then went to bed to read and I fell asleep. I am starting to get a cold and the kids have their colds. They were up and down ALL night so it was really nice that Aaron let me sleep in until about 8:30.

I got up and peed and weighed myself. 175.0. Not ONLY was I successful at NOT gaining weight yesterday, I LOST 1.5 lbs!!! Woo hoo!

Then I came downstairs to all hell breaking loose. Xavier is crying because 1. he doesnt want the oatmeal that Aaron made and 2. because he is exhausted. Landry is fine. He likes oatmeal.

I told Xavier he had to eat to get better. It was that or go to bed. Which ended him up in tears and gagging. Yup. Mr. Sensitive gag reflex. We ran him to the bathroom and he started puking. Wonderful. There goes going to the petting zoo for a birthday party today. He still fought going back to bed but I told him that I would read him a story and he went. So hopefully he will feel better afterwards.

I however am still going to the birthday party. So now I need to get my butt into gear. I know there will be pizza and I will probably bring some back for the boys. And I know that there will be veggies and hummus. Guess what I will be eating?

There is no P90X today. It is a rest day. But I cant rest. So I think I am going to do the strength training zumba tonight with the rattles. I am hoping to do it after I get home from the party this afternoon. And I am not going to sabotage myself today. I will probably still have my protein shake for dinner. And I think the boys will just have leftovers if they eat anything at all. I just cant make myself cook a big dinner for just Aaron and I, especially when we have a TON of leftovers in the fridge.

Ok I need to get my butt into gear and get ready to get out of here.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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  1. Hope the cold bug goes away and the boys feel better.

    YAY for the loss! Great job conquering weekend eating :)

    1. Thanks so much! I am hoping the boys are on the mend soon. Aaron is beginning to come down with the cold bug now too. First of the season you know!

  2. My son just started P90X. I think he's been doing it fr 2 weeks or so. He likes it.

    Congrats on the loss! Living & Losing Naturally - Love it!

    1. I love P90X. There are things that I hate (like ab ripper and plyo) but the results way outway the hate of those couple of things.