Friday, September 14, 2012

Fabulous Friday

This phrase is so fitting for me for yesterday.

I made it to the gym in time for Body Pump even though Aaron was late getting home. Whew. I made it with 30 minutes to spare and I was glad I got there when I did because it was a very full class.

Before class, I walked on the treadmill for about 15 minutes as a quick warm up. I had started to notice a slight rattle in my chest- kind of like an asthma rattle and I know I am starting to get a cold so I didnt want to push it too hard.

Pump was awesome. I did just fine and just had to do some minor modifications to accommodate my shoulder.

Then was RPM. OMG I thought I was gonna DIE! The rattle became a wheeze and I thought I was gonna have an asthma attack. I do have sports induced asthma but I havent had an inhaler in years. Probably because I was sitting on my butt for years and not doing much sports. LOL. (I always notice my rattle too when I do mason twists in ab ripper. It becomes a slight wheeze whether or not I have a cold. )

I took a quick break to go pee and catch my breath and went back into class. I seriously debated just packing it in and calling it a night but RPM was a full class too and I couldnt put my bike back where it goes and I just didnt want to leave it sitting out.

So I created strength, and willpower and grinned and beared it. Well maybe not grinned. More like grimaced. LOL. I kept my eyes clothes, dropped my tension back a few notches from where I normally do and pushed thru. Towards the end my breathing felt better. I could take a little bit of a deeper breath.

And with breaks included, I burned 955 calories for both classes. Whew! Nice I thought for taking it easy.

And today I woke up with a weight of 176.5. Another pound down. I am getting there. Hopefully I can keep on track with a one pound loss every other day. We shall see. I would just be happy to be back in the 150's/low 160's by mid November when I have a wedding. My plan is to wear my dress from my sisters wedding and I would like for it to fit better. And Xavier was asked to be ring bearer for the wedding too.

Speaking of Xavier, he had a great doctors appt. His vision is 20/20 and the doctor didnt give me a hard time about his weight. She said his BMI is higher but she isnt worried about it right now. She knows that I eat healthy so I think it will straighten itself out. He ended up having to get one shot- the flu shot. Normally we would do a mist, but he has a slight cold and she didnt want the mist to aggravate the cold and make it worse. And he did a great job. He sat on my lap and I held his hands and put his feet between my legs. Dr. gave him his shot in the leg and he whimpered a minute and was done. No problem. I was so proud of him!

As far as exercise for the boys go, I think for Christmas Santa is bringing the family a Kinect. Right now we have a Wii and while it is fantastic, Xaviers favorite game is Lego Star Wars. With the Kinect Star Wars game, you actually stand and jump and sword fight. Much more active. So if he wants to play a video game (especially being stuck inside a lot during the winter) I want them to be active. AND there are no remotes which I LOVE! And that means Landry can play as well which I love too.

Today is Friday and we know what that means. Zumba tonight (which I might die from), and then Aubreys! Yup. I said Aubreys. We had been planning on switching homes every Friday but no one volunteered this week. K needs to call it an early night to pick up her daughter from school tomorrow, and my other friend K is just getting over Bronchitis. Penni is visiting family and friend C is out of town. Well shucks. So K and I are for sure going to grab dinner tonight at Aubreys and K might join us depending on how she is feeling. Should be a good night. I just need to stick to one glass of red wine tonight to stay on track. Maybe a salad. Not sure.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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  1. Do you have an XBOX, because I'm pretty sure that the Kinect is for XBOX. So you'd have to buy the whole system. You could get the balance board for the Wii, if you don't already have one.

    1. We do not have an XBOX already. We do have the Wii balance board but Landry cant use it and you cant do two people at a time. I dont mind buying the whole system. I have even been looking on ebay and on Craigslist for a used system.